Choosing a Wedding Veil

Wedding veils are a tricky business. Not only are there dozens of different styles but many brides aren’t even sure if they want to wear one. Well we here at Adorn are here to help! First, you should never buy a veil before ordering your wedding dress. Veil purchases should only be made when you know exactly what style/color your dress will be since they come in so many different designs.

Try to keep in mind that veils should compliment – not compete – with your entire wedding look. Also, think outside of the box when debating veil styles. The vintage mantilla is making a huge comeback as of late. This veil is reminiscent of Spanish royalty (made famous by Queen Isabel II in the 1800s) and frames the face with a feminine scalloped piece of lace. Mantilla’s are romantic and trendy yet utterly timeless and can be found in both conventional bridal shops and small business internet community websites such as These babies can run anywhere from $165 – $500 so if you decide on wearing one – do some shopping around and give yourself enough time to order one.

This gorgeous couture chapel length mantilla is on sale on for $110 from SalChar. Interested? Check it out here!


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