Giving the Gift of Jewelry to your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid gifts can be tricky. You want it to be personal but not tacky, quality but not seriously expensive, and definitely memorable. Follow these guidelines and you’re sure to succeed!

1. What to Spend:
It really depends on 2 things: your own budget and what you’re asking your bridesmaids to spend on you. Although it’s the thought that matters, if you are asking your bridesmaids to shell out $500 for their dresses, plus hotel, plus airfare, etc – you should probably give a gift that costs a bit more. A safe price range in this instance is $150-$200 for each bridesmaid. If this isn’t the case – then just decide a safe price within your budget.

Also, remember you should spend a little bit more on your maid of honor since her position comes with more responsibility…unless you made your lazy little sister your maid of honor and she hasn’t lifted a finger to help you. If this is the case, proceed as you wish.

2. What to Get:
Always remember, you do not have to give each bridesmaid the same thing. As long as the gifts cost about the same amount, you are free to give whatever you wish. The best gift, if you ask me, is the gift of real diamonds. Our bridesmaid jewelry sets are not only divine but so affordable. The gorgeous Tilling Jewelry Set includes the dazzling Coleman pendant. Your bridesmaids will love wearing these genuine gems and will love you for giving them this gift!

This diamond is PERFECT for any bridesmaid

This diamond is PERFECT for any bridesmaid

Like everything else with your wedding, the earlier the better. If you wait until the last minute before deciding on/ordering your gifts you will be so crazed with the rest of your wedding planning that you run the risk of getting a – lets be honest – an uninspiring, boring, ‘fehh’ present.

Need some more ideas? Check out’s 50 Inspiring Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts!

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