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The Trials and Tribs of Wedding Makeup

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Your dress is dazzling, your shoes are spectacular, your jewelry’s divine…but you still haven’t figured out what to do about your makeup?!

One of the biggest debates is should DIY your bridal makeup or pay someone else to apply it for you? On one hand you’ll be saving money but on the other…you may risk looking like a not so hot. (Frankly, either option has pitfalls.)

Let’s play the YES and NO game together to figure out what you should do. Remember girls: Answer Honestly!!

Yes: 1 point – No: 2 points

  1. I never leave the house without perfectly blended makeup!
Musical genius: perhaps. Award winning cosmetologist: not so much.

Musical genius: perhaps. Award winning cosmetologist: not so much.

  1. My friends usually ask me for makeup application tips
Keep the free spirit. Lose the "panda" look.

Keep the free spirit. Lose the "panda" look.

  1. People often compliment me on my lipstick and eye-shadow color combination
At her age and status you can get away with a lot….but seriously? C’mon Betsy!

At her age and status you can get away with a lot….but seriously? C’mon Betsy!

4. My foundation and blush always look natural

Scored 4-5: Girl, you always look effortlessly glowing. People envy you for your stunning natural beauty (even though both of us know that complexion is anything but ‘natural’ – but don’t worry we know how to keep a secret)

Scored 6-8: Please do us all a favor and DO NOT do your own makeup.  You risk not only utter embarrassment but you may end up permanently featured on

All jokes aside:  whether you’re doing your own makeup or not make sure you do several trial runs. Schedule ahead so you can get a late afternoon appointment and then you can go straight to meet your girlfriends for happy hour to get their opinions as well.

Pay attention to how it wears throughout the evening, and if you really want to give it a test….work yourself up into a good sobbing cry, then find over 100 people to hug you and kiss your cheek, then dance for 3 hours straight. If you still look presentable…you have a winner! Just kidding. But, do wear it for a few hours and check how it looks later in the evening.

Also, be sure to take pictures at each trial. This way you’ll know how well your colors/style photograph. Some foundations actually contain elements that refract light, which means that anytime someone snaps you with a flash you’ll end up looking like Casper the friendly bride.

Need some new makeup tips? Check out this great website for tips, tricks, and trends:

Sienna gets burned by her "burt sienna" bronzer....irony?

Sienna gets burned by her "burt sienna" bronzer....irony?

Join Us for a Dresses & Diamonds Party!

Friday, August 28th, 2009

This is definitely the “don’t miss” event of the season! We’re hosting an all day long Dresses & Diamonds open house for 8 hours…so no excuses ladies!! We’ll be showing the most gorgeous gowns from Melissa Sweet, Matthew Christopher, and Ian Stuart along with our dazzling diamonds.

Pearls are so Classic!

Adorn Brides will have some of our most stunning genuine gems available for all to view and wear. Nothing compares with the experience of wearing a gorgeous gown and authentic diamonds!!

So stop on by and say hello!!

Date: Saturday, August 29th

Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Location: Bridal Extraordinaire

12109 Shawnee Mission Parkway

Shawnee, KS 66216

Click here to RSVP

Adorn Brides and The Knot

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

We are so happy to announce the launch of our new “online boutique” featured within Wedding Shop. As we all know, The Knot is one of the most trusted online resources for wedding information so it’s only natural that Adorn Brides would choose The Knot to feature our gorgeous real diamonds!

This new online boutique will be showcasing our top-selling selection of diamond bridal necklaces, earrings and bracelets available for rent. Brides from across the nation will be able to bring a touch of red carpet elegance to their big day directly through The Knots website. How amazing!

Check out the new site here

The Knot has always worked hard at bring innovative products and services that create real value for the bridal community while Adorn Brides brings the luxury and elegance of wearing real diamonds to any bride – this partnership is a match made in heaven!


Something exciting

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

is happening to Adorn Brides…but we can’t tell you just yet what it is. Ok, I’ll give you a hint: on Wednesday, we might be just that much closer to one of our tried and true wedding pals.

Want to know who they are? I don’t blame you! You get 3 clues: they were founded in 1996, they have some of the freshest wedding advice on the Internet, and one of the most-trafficked websites for one-stop shop wedding planning.

Stay Tuned and find out on Wednesday who it is!


Beautiful Bride Wears Adorn Jewelry and Looks Fabulous!

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

What’s better than watching our beautiful brides-to-be try on our jewelry in our shop? Actually getting to see them wear it on their big day of course!!
Kendra Collins married Jordan Klein on July 25th at Tribeca Rooftop and looked positively lovely in our timeless Hartley Earrings!

The timeless Hartley Earrings are the perfect diamond rental!

The timeless Hartley Earrings are the perfect diamond rental!


Now its no surprise to us that she would look so beautiful in our dazzling diamonds, but it was absolutely wonderful to hear all the compliments she received from her guests. Her photographer, Dasha Wright, was one of the first to comment on how the brought real sparkle to the blushing brides face. “They are just stunning!” she told me while shooting Kendra in the cocktail hour crowd. I agree Dasha, they are.

Kendra also took us aside to thank us for making the process so easy for her! “I didn’t think it was going to be difficult but I never realized how easy renting jewelry from you would be! It arrived on the exact day at the exact time requested – it was perfect!!”

Thanks Kendra and so are you!

The new Kendra Klein with her charming husband Jordan Klein and one of our Adorn staff members

Everyone looks SO beautiful!

Everyone looks SO beautiful!

Fancy Weddings on a Budget

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

You don’t need me to tell you that money just isn’t flowing like it use to. Everyone has experienced the crunch in one way or another which is why some brides are changing their wedding budgets and getting more creative with their cash. Keep in mind: budget does not mean cheap. There are plenty of ways to have the lavish wedding of your dreams without getting into serious debt. Here are a few items we’d like to share:

1 – Do Your Research

There are so many wedding vendors nowadays that you simply must do your research. Look around and see who has the best price best with the best quality. Photographer ‘A’ might be fantastic but Photographer ‘B’ might be just as good plus comes along in a package with a videographer and a disc jockey. You don’t believe me? Check out the website for I know plenty of people who went with them and who were very happy with their service.
Also, when comparing wedding venues – look to see what they really have to offer. Banquet Hall ‘A’ might have a koi pond and a gazebo but banquet hall ’B’ will throw in a wedding cake, free centerpieces, and will let you remove 20 guests 2 weeks before the wedding in case of late withdrawals. Forget the unnecessary glitz, if you go with venue B you just saved yourself over $3,000!

2 – Cut Your Guest List

Think about it, the average dinner plate at a wedding is anywhere from $100-125 per person. If you take 10 guests off your list you could be saving up to $1,250! That’ll pay for you a big chunk of your honeymoon! Although you might want to invite 175 people at first, it’s really the people who you are truly close with that make your wedding day special. Not your second cousin twice removed (unless he’s the life of the party) or your best friend from kindergarten who you haven’t spoken to since junior high.

3 – Rent your Wedding Jewelry

Ladies, we all want to look fabulous on the day of our wedding and there is no reason that you shouldn’t go all out – just do it the smart way. Renting your diamond jewelry is not only classy –it’s economical! For only $100 you can rent the gorgeous Coleman Pendant – a 3 dimensional pear cut diamond. Utterly stunning!

So simple yet so beautiful! Nothing glitters like the Coleman Pendant

So simple yet so beautiful! Nothing glitters like the Coleman Pendant

Budget Tip: Try to put aside 20-25% of your monthly income aside just for the wedding. I know this is difficult – but it can be done!! When one of my girlfriends was engaged, she sat down with her fiancé and looked at their expenses. They were spending 35% of our joint monthly income on going out! For 10 months they decided to only go out on Saturdays, to only take ‘staycations’, not to buy each other presents for any holidays/anniversaries, etc. By the time the wedding came around we had enough money to pay cash for everything!

The Perfect Vintage Wedding Gown and Jewelry

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Bringing Vintage style to your wedding is very fashion forward. If you do it the right way, you are guaranteed to look back on your wedding album 10 years from now and LOVE your look. The question is, where does one get a vintage wedding dress without rummaging through your grandmothers closet? creates some of the most beautiful couture vintage wedding gowns in a variety of styles. PLUS, the dresses range from approx. $450- 2500 so they are definitely affordable!

These two gowns are great examples of the different styles at WhirlingTurban offers.


I absolutely love the little touch of pink in this chic dress!

I absolutely love the little touch of pink in this chic dress!

If you are interested in possibly ordering from Whirlingturban – you can contact them here!

Now that you have your perfect vintage dress, its time to find the perfect jewelry! Our Bailey collection has the ideal combination of modern and retro with its drops of pave diamonds in a chandelier style. Gorgeous

You can rent this fantastic necklace for only $430
You can rent this fantastic necklace for only $430

You can rent these dazzling earrings for only $250

You can rent these dazzling earrings for only $250

Stay classy with the vintage look ladies and you will NOT regret it!