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Fall 2009 Wedding Jewelry Trends

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Brides today tend to stray from the traditional by making sure all aspects of their wedding have hints of their own personal style. From the color combos to the music played to the choregraphed dance numbers, brides bring the flair and they bring it big. Your wedding jewelry is one of the best ways to show what kind of bride you want to be. Here are 4 hot trends for Fall 2009 – which one do you like you?

1.      Cuff BraceChadwickBraceletlets: Larger cuff bracelets are bold, daring, and adventurous. Todays’ bride isn’t a demure little flower – our ladies scream ‘Look at Me! I’m beautiful!’  Cuffs add vaa-vaa-voom to any bridal outfit. My favorite? Our Chadwick. LOOK AT IT IN ALL ITS GLORY!! I swear I’d wear it everyday if I could…



 Beckford2.      Colors other than White: We all love diamonds and pearls but sometimes a girl needs a little something different. Colored gems and yellow diamonds are so hot right now. Channel your inner Lady Di and wear sapphires to your wedding. I’m serious – you will look positively stunning. Not sure you believe me? Come down to our style studio and try our Beckford on…you will fall in L.O.V.E



 3.      Old Hollywood:Classic old Hollywood glamour is all the rage. If you watched the Emmys this year you saw it everywhere (you know it’s hot if Heidi Klum is wearing it!).  But where to get this hot vintage look? Well – us! We’ve got a ton of pieces with some old Hollywood flare like these delicious Miles earrings


  BuddingNecklace4.      Mother Nature: Flowers, butterflies, leaves, and rosettes are very popular this fall with wedding jewelry. Why? Maybe it’s because everyone has ‘going green’ on their minds or maybe its because those themes make us feel both feminine and girlie. Either way – it’s a great trend and we hope it stays.

Adorn Brides and Kleinfeld Bridal: Together At Last

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Adorn Brides is pleased to announce the launch of our new online affiliation with Kleinfeld Bridal, the world’s leading bridal gown emporium.  We’re all so excited! We’ve just made shopping for your entire wedding-day look that much easier.

Now brides from across the nation will have the opportunity to find dazzling fine jewelry rentals while browsing hundreds of Kleinfeld gowns. Seems too good to be true right? Well, we’re all glad its’ real!

Kleinfelds has long been known for carrying the largest selection of exclusive designer wedding gowns anywhere and providing brides with unparalleled personal service. We here at Adorn Brides are proud to call Kleinfeld Bridal are partners and welcome all our fans to check them out!

Perfect Match!

Perfect Match!

Win a Chance to Rent Diamond Earrings for Free

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Ladies get excited! BridalTweet is hosting a ‘Red Carpet Contest’ with Adorn Brides! Join BridalTweet for a chance to

Gorgeous Whittaker Earrings

Gorgeous Whittaker Earrings

win a chance to wear a dazzling pair of diamond earrings for your wedding day! That’s right – FREE genuine diamond earrings for your wedding.

Not only does entering give you a chance to win a free rental – you also get to participate in a new bridal community that just launched over 5 months ago and already has over 3,500 members!

The contest ends on Friday, October 30th so enter now before it’s too late!

Dealing With Drunks: And Other Ways of Keeping Cool During Your Wedding

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Weddings are wonderful – a time for celebration and joy. The memories you make on this day will stay with you for the rest of your life. 90% of these memories will be nothing but happiness and smiles – however, sometimes people can make your day…how can we say it…a little more colorful. Here are a few days to deal.

SPL3299_0101.       Take Care of the “Problem” Guests Early:

We all know our cousin Frankie takes his clothes off whiles he dances to the song ‘I’m Too Sexy’ and while its hilarious to watch it might not be the kind of thing you want on your wedding video. Be prepared. Tell the DJ ahead of time to avoid playing any songs that might cause too much of a ruckus. Also, see if someone can talk to any problematic people before your reception starts. In my experience, it’s usually better if it doesn’t come from you since it can easily be brushed off as a “Bridezilla” moment.  Your Dad threatening your cousin to keep his pants on will be much more effective AND possibly hilarious if the photographer captures a shot of the intimidating conversation.


2.       Always Carry Extra Cash:

You love your sister more than life itself but let’s face it – she’s a flake. So you shouldn’t be surprised that she forgot to bring cash to pay the limo driver enough though SHE PROMISED she was going to take care of it. Now there’s a scene building outside and you’ve been asked to intervene. No problem – you brought extra cash JUST for this type of incident! You thought ahead! Congratulations! So take a deep breath, give your sister the stink eye, pay the limo driver, and then give her a big hug. “You’d be in big trouble if I didn’t love you so much” you joke. Everyone smiles – especially your sister – because this bride is the picture of composure!


3.       Don’t Sweat the Nastiness:

Forget not sweating the small stuff – don’t sweat other people’s nasty attitudes. While most will be giving you nothing but love, there may be one or two individuals who attempt to bring you down – don’t let them! So what if your grandmother didn’t come to your wedding because she ‘didn’t want people to think she’s old’ (you’re 80 Nanna, people don’t think you’re old THEY KNOW IT!). Brush it off, you and your groom look fabulous and will have nothing to do with the drama everyone else causes…until you return from your honeymoon to find your aunt found our about your cousins secret baby. Rrrruuuut Roouugh (insert Scooby Doo voice.)

Fun with Undergarments!

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Wedding Lingerie Before and After the Wedding

Just how many stores did you go too to get your dress? A dozen? How long have you been debating about your hair style? 6 months? How long have you been thinking about what undies you’re going to wear? NEVER? Wait – what??! Listen up Girls because your before and after undergarments are serious business! Here are a few key points:

Before You Get Married:

The most important thing to remember about your wedding day bra and panties is COMFORT. Bridal boutiques may try to sell you decorative bras but remember you’ll be wearing these items for 5-6 hours. No one can ever smile properly when they have a bra wire popping out of their seam and stabbing your boob at every time you turn right.

Also, I know the last time girdles were in fashion your Grandma Rose was walking down the aisle but the new Spanx line of form fitting body shapers is top notch.  Figure out what kind you need on their ‘what body shaper for what wedding gown’ webpage. Do it! No matter what time period – fat rolls are never fashionable. 

After You Get Married:

TulleVickySecretsThis is the fun part. There aren’t really rules for this category – it’s totally all about you and your style. If you’re a little ol’ fashion then you might choose to purchase a white satin babydoll like this tulle satin number from Vicky Secrets for about $58. It’s both sweet and sassy at the same time!

 If you tend to be a little more adventurous then you might want to spend that extra cash on a saucy outfit from the daring and cheeky from Agent Provocateur. This super delicious red AgentProvocateurRedoutfit will cost you a little over 226 GBP (approx.  $368). Heck you could wear a replica of a WWII nurses outfit if that’s what makes you and your hubby happy…just make sure he’s into that as well.


IMPORTANT NOTE: buy an outfit that’s semi-weather appropriate. We all know you look great in metallic gold pasties but if you’re honeymooning in Switzerland and your cabin doesn’t have great heating…you may want to bring a long satin gown along as well.

Diamonds and Dresses for All!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Adorn Brides would like to thank all the brides that attended the Diamonds and Dresses event at Bridal Extraordinaire Bridal Salon in Kansas City this past Saturday. Brides were treated to delicious treats from Caren’s Cakes and the gorgeous flowers were displayed by Marilyn. Ladies loved every minute of this dazzling event!

The Dresses

The brides enjoyed first class service from Vickie Cackler (Owner) and her team of professionals. Every lady was fitted in the most amazing gowns from designers such as Ian Stuart, Enzoani, Matthew Christopher and Melissa Sweet. What a great thing to do on a Saturday!

The Diamonds

Once the brides found a dress they were given a personal consultation from Adorn Brides.  Our ladies were amazed that they could actually rent diamonds for their wedding day!  Talk about increasing your celebrity status! They had a great time trying on diamonds and finding the perfect piece to complete their look. The most popular pieces were the Lockwood Earrings and Budding earrings

Check out these hot pics below!

Look how beautiful all these ladies look!

Look how beautiful all these ladies look!