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Rent Runway Fashion at Adorn

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

We’ve blogged several times about being able to mimic Hollywood style by renting at Adorn; but what about the wedding runway fashion we all stare at in those 10 lb. wedding magazines we carry around before buying our wedding gown? Well, we can help you there too. Check out some of the latest and greatest from the Fall 2010 runway

Recreate this classic Anna Maier look with our Chandler Earrings for only $120 and our Chadwick Bracelet for only $490!















Get this romantic David Tutera by Faviana look with our gorgeous Abbott earrings for only $190!








Get the bold princess look of Pnina Torani with the Lockwood Earrings for only $280!









As you gals can see, Runway style isnt just for the Runway anymore!! Make an appointment for a free style consultation today here!

5 Steps to Your Perfect Favor

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Follow these steps to find the perfect favor for your event:

Step 1: All potential favors should fall into one of three categories. They should be either a Practical Keepsake, Favor Boxes/Containers, or they should be Edible. Rule out trinkets or dust collectors, and that tulle wrapped candy? So out!

Step 2: Does it or can it match your theme or at least your color scheme? Keeping everything flowing together will really make a difference in the overall effect. If the favor itself is not a perfect match you can still make it flow with colored ribbon, small gift bags, and labels/tags. It does not have to match immediately it just has to have the ability to match.

Step 3: Personalize It! It may cost a little extra (although some favors include personalization in their pricing) but it will be well worth it. The only exception to this is something that looks cheap. Don’t print white mailing labels with your name and date on them. The best ways to personalize cost effectively is to order tags, labels, or ribbon.

Step 4: Imagine your guests receiving the item. Are the guests at the right age to use and appreciate them? If you are throwing a girls night out for your weight loss group you may not want to get them cupcake mix. Or if the majority of your guest are traveling in don’t burden them with an edible favor that may not travel well. Also, consider getting the kids at the event a different favor than the adults.

Gourmet Cupcake Mix Favor

Gourmet Cupcake Mix Favor

Step 5: Order a sample. This is especially true for any large event such as a wedding or bat/bar mitzvah. Even if you have to order 12 favor boxes it is better that you know exactly what you are ordering before receiving 500 of them. Remember, favors are designed to be cost effective but that is not the same as cheap. Examples Practical Keepsakes: Pizza Cutter, Bookmarks, Photo Album, Coasters, etc. Edible Favors: Gourmet Oreos, Fortune Cookies, Cupcake Mix, etc. Favor Boxes/Containers: Personalized Glass Jars, Sweet Shoppe Boxes, Favor Tins Note: If you are going to go with an edible favor make sure it is incredibly delish. The memories of your wedding and edible favors may be forever linked.


Favor Chic specializes in Wedding Favors and Welcome Bags. We are committed to searching out and offering the perfect favors and gifts for the right price. Every item is hand selected by our team to ensure customer satisfaction. In fact, Favor Chic does not put anything on our site that we would not buy ourselves. You’re going to like your favors, we guarantee it!

Visit us at



Annette James
Owner and Founder
Favor Chic

The Perfect Honeymoon Lipstick

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

I’m pretty sure makeup is not high on your Honeymoon Checklist right now…but maybe it should be?? You want to pack light but don’t know what exactly you’ll need. Well have I got the perfect lipstick for you! Purple Labs new “Luvah” line is the ultimate honeymoon cosmetic. “Luvah” is enriched with aphrodisiacs (ME-OW), Complex OO (which is a double plumper that works immediately and over time), ylang-ylang, and a hint of a sinful vanilla/mint fragrance. “Aphrodisiac lipstick?” you ask, you better believe it.  What’s more ideal for your honeymoon?

The lipstick comes in a cute little compact with a stain on one side and a pearly gloss on the other. They are positively perfect by themselves but if you want a little extra oomph mix them. It’s the richest nude I’ve ever worn…like evah; and I’ve worn a ton of them! The brown undertones are so soft and the gloss so luxurious, you’ll be able to wear it day or night. In fact, I wore this ALL weekend: out to dinner on Friday, shopping and a party on Saturday, and at Stop N Shop on Sunday.

LuvahLipstickThere are only 2 shades in this lipstick category BUT they are super duper shades that any gal can wear: nude and berry. Not only do they come in two multi-purpose shades but Creatrix Karen Robinovitz named this new makeup tool after the two worst types of guys to date: Mama’s Boy (nude) and Rich Jerk (berry). Ha!! Karen you are hilarious and we here at Adorn just love you.

Don’t Forget Your Groom

Friday, February 5th, 2010

GuyChecklistThe whole process of getting married seems to be targeted towards the bride.  In fact, many of your friends and family will say to your soon-to-be husband “Let her do whatever she wants, its HER day”.  It’s great to be the center of attention during this hectic time in your life but what about your guy? He’s getting married too and needs just as much attention preppin’ for this big day as you do. The problem is that 95% of wedding websites are catered towards the female perspective so where should they go?

The Plunge helps your man with all his burning  – and maybe not so burning – questions. They have articles and blogs forumon just about every topic: getting engagement, getting married, ring buying guides, bachelor party guides (my personal favorite), honeymoon handbooks, and tons of checklists.  Its important to make your main man feel special during one of the biggest times in both your lives.

So send your groom-to-be The Plunges link today along with a suggestion for a night out this weekend with a promise of NO wedding talk. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

Get the Grammy Look at Adorn Brides

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

The Grammys have come and gone: some artists went home winners, some went home losers. I guess the term ‘loser’ is harsh, you might lose the award but at the very least you get to sport some of the hottest formal wear evah! Want to look as deliciously dazzling as some of our favorite music celebs? We at Adorn are here to help, below are just a few of our sick celeb styles.

The TearDrop: Teardrop earrings were everywhere, in every color and style! Just look at Taylor Swift and Olivia Munn below rock two totally different pairs with a sexy up-do. You can make this style your own buy renting the astounding Abbott earrings for only $190!

Taylor Swift-Abbotts







The Stud: What do Ciara, Jennifer Hudson, and Rihanna have in common? Besides being some of the greatest female performers of our generation, they love stud earrings. Can you blame them? Is there anything more classic than the simple, clean, timeless beauty of the diamond stud? Probably not. Rent our Danielson earrings to capture this great go-to, any occasion piece for only $190!

59467608Jennifer Hudson-DanielsonRihanna-DanielsonDanielsonEarrings






The Danglers: If you werent wearing tear drops or studs at the Grammys; you were wearing dangle earrings. Pink and Mary J. Blige rocked this style which completely suites both divas since they are as loud, sparkly, and totally fierce as those diamonds! Rent this look with one of our many dangling diamond earrings such as the Crabtree for only $100!!


Dazzle Like A Hollywood Starlet!

Monday, February 1st, 2010

I’ve got a question for all of you: did you watch the recently aired Golden Globes for the fashions or for the awards (if you watched it at all)? If you’re like most of my friends, you watched the red carpet and didn’t even bother to watch the awards themselves and with good reason! Award shows can be boring but no one wants to miss the amazing fashion trends the stars give us. Here are two major trends we noticed while tuning in:

Cluster Earrings: ‘Big Love’ star Chloe Sevigny has always been known for her fashion impresario and was recently seen rockin’ diamond cluster earrings at the Globes. You can rent our Shaye Earrings for only $190!


ShayeEarringsDiamond Bracelets with Umph: Kate Winslet is the picture of classic beauty with her form fitting black Atelier Yves Saint Laurent gown with sparkle trim. No wonder someone with such panache went with the understated thick diamond bracelet as her jewelry accent. You can get this look too by renting our Chadwick Bracelet for only $490!