The Perfect Honeymoon Lipstick

I’m pretty sure makeup is not high on your Honeymoon Checklist right now…but maybe it should be?? You want to pack light but don’t know what exactly you’ll need. Well have I got the perfect lipstick for you! Purple Labs new “Luvah” line is the ultimate honeymoon cosmetic. “Luvah” is enriched with aphrodisiacs (ME-OW), Complex OO (which is a double plumper that works immediately and over time), ylang-ylang, and a hint of a sinful vanilla/mint fragrance. “Aphrodisiac lipstick?” you ask, you better believe it.  What’s more ideal for your honeymoon?

The lipstick comes in a cute little compact with a stain on one side and a pearly gloss on the other. They are positively perfect by themselves but if you want a little extra oomph mix them. It’s the richest nude I’ve ever worn…like evah; and I’ve worn a ton of them! The brown undertones are so soft and the gloss so luxurious, you’ll be able to wear it day or night. In fact, I wore this ALL weekend: out to dinner on Friday, shopping and a party on Saturday, and at Stop N Shop on Sunday.

LuvahLipstickThere are only 2 shades in this lipstick category BUT they are super duper shades that any gal can wear: nude and berry. Not only do they come in two multi-purpose shades but Creatrix Karen Robinovitz named this new makeup tool after the two worst types of guys to date: Mama’s Boy (nude) and Rich Jerk (berry). Ha!! Karen you are hilarious and we here at Adorn just love you.

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