Classic Wedding Elegance with Pearls

Pearls are almost always associated with classic wedding beauty and tradition. The sheer elegance of the pearl makes it an almost given for the refined, elegant bride-to-be.

Did you know the ancient Greeks associated the pearl with love, unrivaled beauty, and  marital harmony. Thats right, according to the ancient Greeks if you wear pearls on your wedding day you and your husband will live in marital bliss. But what pearls to wear? Well, never fear now you can rent the most gorgeous pearls at Adorn Brides for an incredible price!!


  Rent these elegant, genuine diamond and pearl Hartley Earrings for only $75!





Colburn Pendant

 Looking for the perfect mix of modern and traditional? Look no further! The Colburn Pendant is a truly unique piece with an intricate diamond vine containing 3 accent diamonds weaving between 3 large pearls! Rent this pearl necklace for only $75!





Want something with a little more…omph??? The gorgeous Budding Necklace is for the nature lover in all of us. A stunning garden pattern featuring vines wwith accented pearls and diamonds in an organic asymmetrical shape! Rent this one of a kind pearl necklace for only $150!

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