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The American Honeymoon

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

In the past, couples focused more on traveling out of the country when it came time for their honeymoon but the trend lately seems to be staying local. Maybe its due to the recession? Maybe its due to time constraints? Who really cares! With so many fabulous and diverse places to stay in the US, it is definitely an idea worth looking into. Here are a few of Adorns favorite spots:

VermontB&BVermont: For Nature Lovers

There are plenty of awesome places to view the glory of nature in the US but one of my personal favorites has to be Vermont. Not only can you get there really easily with Jet Blue, but they have the most wonderful bed and breakfasts! Don’t believe us? Check out the many travel websites that have Vermont on the top of their romantic getaway lists like Travel and Leisure’s 2009 Top 50 Romantic Getaways.

Although there are tons of places to stay in Vermont, I’m partial to Stowe. They’ve got great sking, great food, great spas, and lots of great scenery. Book a room with a fireplace, buy some local cheese, a few bottles of wine, and totally zone out in each others arms.




SarasotaRitzCarltonFlorida: For Beach Go-ers

Florida isnt known as ‘The Sunshine State’ for nothing. They have some of the prettiest beaches in the world! My personal favorite is located in Sarasota. I literally yearn for the Ritz Carlton- Sarasota every year around this time. Not only is it truly a beautiful, luxury hotel, but its reasonably priced, 20 minutes from the airport, AND has a shuttle that takes you to their private beach and St. Armands Circle for shopping. No car rental needed.


RitzCarltonBatteryParkNew York: For City Slickers

Looking for a honeymoon with a certain air of sophistication? Try a honeymoon in NYC! This city has everything: music, museums, nightlife, dancing, art, shopping, fine dining, casual dining, anything you want! Sounds expensive right? Well, let a native New Yorker let you in on a little hint: the farther you stay from the center of Midtown Manhattan, the more inexpensive it is. Now, I’m not saying get a hotel in Queens or Brooklyn (unless you want to, then please be my guest), but I do recommend the Ritz Carlton – Battery Park. This hotel is in whats called “Lower Manhattan”, right by the water, the Native American Museum, and the Staten Island Ferry (free Ferry ride passes right by Statute of Liberty). Why is it a little cheaper? It will take you an extra 5-10 minutes to go where most of the action is; believe me when I tell you its not worth the extra cash to stay ‘in the middle of it all’ when you can be just 10 minutes away. Especially when the staff at the Ritz Battery Park is so delightful and the amenties just lovely. Spend the extra $200 a night your saving on a really sweet dinner or orchestra tickets to a Bway show.

Wedding Registry Etiquette 101

Friday, June 25th, 2010

CBR002416When it comes to doling out wedding advice I always suggest the “do whatever makes you happy” philosophy. However, I tend to think one of the only area where this does not apply is with your wedding registry. Why? Well, simply put your registry sets the tone for your whole wedding. You DO NOT want that to be a negative tone in any capacity.

Think I’m overreacting? Take a step back from the wedding your currently planning and start thinking back to those weddings of yesteryear. Remember when your insufferable cousin put nothing but Mauviel Cooper Cookware on her registry ($500 for a potato steamer…I don’t think so)? So you got her the darn steamer and when you went to the wedding you saw she cut corners on everything! How furious were you? Or how about the time your friend invited you to her long distance wedding and then 1 month beforehand, after you bought the plane tickets, got married in secret for no good reason (a.k.a. surprise baby, going to war, etc)?! THEN had the NERVE to send out a registry request!?


Lets face it, registry snaffo’s stick out in people minds so here are a few rules to follow:

1) Know Your Audience

I know, I mention this rule all the time but it most definetly applies to your registry. To keep it short: if your friends and family are rich, don’t feel bad abut adding a few expensive items onto your list. If your friends and family are not well off,  refrain from adding anything over $500. If people want to give you a huge gift, they will give you money. Asking for a huge gift is just tacky.

2) Keep the price range in line with your reception

Are you spending $300 a plate? Well maybe your registry will be a little more on the expensive side (but dont go crazy)? If you’re spending $50 a plate then your items should semi reflect this. It doesnt mean you should only ask for a blender, handtowels, and chip clips (a personal pet peeve of mine – I hate when the only thing left on a registry is chip clips and plastic bowls), but dont try to ’scam’ your friends and family and don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re going to make money off of your wedding either….seriously… it’s not going to happen.

3) If you didn’t invite someone to your wedding, don’t send them your registry

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. I’ve received registry envelopes before without being invited to a wedding. Lame times infinity.

Hope these tips help you and if you have any questions…ALWAYS FEEL FREE TO ASK ME!

A Touch of Luxury

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Luxurious_Wedding_2010_Cover8Every bride wants a touch of luxury at their wedding. It’s one of those days in your life when pricetags are no longer relevant and quality and magnificence reign supreme. But lets face it, no girl can do it all on her own. That’s where the wedding planner professionals at Luxurious Wedding come in handy. They know everything there is to know about luxury, quality, and how to get that ‘wow factor’.

Where are they located? Well…everywhere! Their Luxury Experts have resource collections for every area of the country as well as London, Paris, Toronto, Dubai, and Australia. These luxury collections are filled with vendors and venues who meet only the highest standards of excellence in product and service.

So check out their website and get a glimpse of all the Luxurious Wedding Design Team can offer you and your husand-to-be. You won’t be disappointed!

We’ve Got More of Your Favorites!!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Have you been to the Adorn Brides website lately and found your favorite pieces are **gasp** out of stock?? Well never fear! We’ve just added more inventory! Hooray!

What did we add more of? All our most popular pieces of course! Like the ever popular:

The Lockwood Earrings










The Chadwick Bracelet










The Budding Necklace










So go to our website today and order your gems before these sell out as well!