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Beach Wedding Beauty

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Is there anything more magical than a beach wedding?  It would be hard to convince us otherwise after seeing the wedding photos of Adorn Brides customer Sarah C., courtesy of New Ground Photography.


With gorgeous weather, a backdrop of turquoise ocean water, and bright, sunny, blue skies, Sarah and Tony were wed on the beach at Marco Island, Florida last month.  It’s hard to beat the beauty and magic of nature– a bouquet of bright, multi-colored assorted flowers helped to set the mood with a tropical, cheery feel. The vibrant colors surrounding her white wedding gown, you can almost feel the ocean breeze, excitement, and love in the air.     

For this once in a lifetime moment, both Sarah and her mother turned to Adorn to rent jewelry and accessorize their look for this special occasion. Adorned with our Lockwood earrings and Chadwick bracelet, Sarah’s sophisticated, romantic style flowed effortlessly as she wore a beautiful, fitted gown laced up the back with embroidered flower shoulder straps. Her mother, Joanne, wore the Miles earrings and Silverwin bracelet, which sparkled against her deep blue, strapless dress.

We love hearing from our brides after the wedding and sharing their beautiful photos as inspiration for women still in the planning stages for their own wedding. Thank you to this great mother and daughter team for their kind words which follow, and for letting us be a part of that special day for their family.

“Thank you for making Sarah shine on her wedding day.  I also loved my earrings and bracelet as well. If I need to use your company again it will be with great pleasure- wish I had another special occasion.” – Joanne and Sarah


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Daughter_Dad-jewelry rental


Get Out the Vote and Adorn Yourself at Our Expense

Friday, May 13th, 2011


It’s like an ancient ritual in your womanhood journey – you served as the loyal friend for years… and then one day, you’re asked to wear the bridesmaid dress.  Talk to any woman and she could probably share a story or two about having served as a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding.  Stories abound of dresses that were horribly colored (“Is that a rainbow colored dress?”) or ill fitting.  Fortunately, bridesmaid dresses have evolved, but the bridesmaid experience remains a colorful one, filled with many memorable moments. (Run across a bachelorette party in progress before?)

To celebrate the relationship between a bride and her bridesmaids, we’re having a bridesmaid photo contest (because you can’t share a photo of yourself in an ugly bridesmaid dress with too many people). The photo can be a picture of the best or worst bridesmaid dress you once wore.  

Enter the contest here on our website, post your photo and a comment or two, and then get out the vote. Have your friends vote, have your family vote, you can even have your dentist vote if you have to.  If you’re the person with the most votes, you’ll win a FREE diamond jewelry set rental for your wedding day, a $400 value!  Look glamorous on your wedding day without another wedding day expense.

Contest ends June 30, 2011. Good luck!

If you have already placed an order or plan to before the contest ends, you will be given a refund for your order if you are selected as the winner.

A Bride’s Gift to Mom

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Moms play an important role in their children’s lives, no doubt about it, but when the mother is the mother of a bride, the relationship between mother and daughter is even more special. 

Many brides planning their wedding quickly learn what a delicate landmine they must navigate as they try to balance making decisions for their wedding while keeping good ole’ Mom happy. Yes, there are horror stories of epic battles between brides and their mothers, some of which would make for an interesting documentary on the History channel. Sometimes, the bride is being unreasonable, other times, Mom is acting nuts (Moms Gone Wild video?). 

But, truth be told, other than a few possible disagreements here and there, most brides and their mothers enjoy a special experience throughout the course of wedding planning and the wedding itself. Because of that, Adorn Brides would like to offer some suggestions for brides in ways to honor mom this Mother’s Day.

Plan a weekend getaway. Regardless of where you are in the planning process, Mom is bound to cherish any alone time with her daughter before the big day. With a whole weekend together, you’ll have time to get your Mom’s thoughts on your wedding plans and make her feel like she was involved in the decision making process, an important detail that will strengthen your relationship throughout your planning.

Shop with Mom . You aren’t the only one who has had dreams for your wedding day, Mom has dreamed of this day since you were born.  What better gift for Mother’s Day than to shop together for your wedding dress? You can always shop more later, if need be. Be sure to check out our bridal jewelry to complete your look.

Shop for Mom.   Your wedding day is a big day for Mom too. Spend your time together shopping for what Mom will need to wear for your wedding. Did we mention we rent jewelry for brides and their party?

Lunch with Mom.  With a reception to plan and a caterer that’s needed, take Mom out to lunch as you sample the goods.  Plan a month’s worth of “Lunches with Mom” as you do your research together. Two palates are better than one.

Photo album. Surprise your mom with a “Life with Mom” mini photo album. Include photos of you and your mom or family at different stages throughout your life to document your journey together in one place.  Follow it up with a mini wedding album for your Mom that includes several photos that would be of great importance to her – you dancing with your Dad, photos of her and your family on your wedding day, etc. 

Regardless of what you decide to do for your Mom this Mother’s Day, be sure to include a card that says thanks, for nothing would have been possible without her. Besides, nothing makes Mom weep like a good card.