Winter Bride? Accessorize In Tune with the Season!

There’s something utterly amazing about a winter wedding. It may be the warmth of the indoors, the comfort of the foods associated with winter events, the joy of Christmas and New Year’s floating in the air, or simply the magic of snow. It may be the wider availability of venues and vendors and the lower prices. Or it may just be the fact that your love story is connected to winter one way or another.

Whatever it is, if you have your heart set on a winter wedding, you deserve the very best, from A to Z – and your accessories should definitely be a priority.

How to accessorize as a winter bride? We have some tips and ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Diamonds. Well, OK, diamonds are always in fashion – there’s just no way anyone can say that diamonds are “so last year”. There’s something about their sparkle and glamor that works especially well for winter brides, though – so if you want to look truly glamorous, a diamond statement piece will definitely be a great choice.
  • Pearls. Their color and their timelessness make them a true ally for all brides – but when it comes to winter weddings, pearls tend to be associated even more with snow, magic, and luxury. Thankfully, you can wear pearls in a myriad of ways – from stunning dripping earrings to sophisticated multi-layered bracelets.
  • Swarovski clutch purse. Although you will not wear a clutch purse down the aisle, having one in handy is the easiest way to make sure your absolute basics are there, with you (because, let’s face it: who doesn’t need a lipstick refresh)? This is a great opportunity to incorporate yet another fabulous winter-worthy and elegant piece into your wedding look – such as a clutch purse made with Swarovski crystals (for a dash of glamor) and tulle (for a feminine and bridal-worthy touch). Incorporate this into your wedding look and it will help you complement your attire in the most beautiful way there is!

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