These Are the Top Wedding Gown Trends to Consider in 2019

Wedding trends are always changing – and while you are definitely entitled to wear what you want (and create the wedding you want), these trends can be a good source of inspiration.

To complete an article that we published last year and help you gain the bird’s eye view on what wedding trends are bringing on the market for 2019 (and more specifically, for spring), we have gathered three more trends you might want to consider – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • Getting royal. While simple and minimalist wedding gowns are definitely a huge trend in 2019, the opposite is quite popular too. Royal-inspired wedding dresses are meant to make you, the bride, feel truly special as you walk down the aisle – and they are usually complemented by hairpieces worthy of a princess too. Long, form-fitting dresses, transparent capes, tiaras and crowns – they’re going to be big trends for brides who want their wedding day to feel torn out of a fairy tale.
  • Off the shoulder. This trend started to be popular about two years ago – and it will continue to amaze and inspire the wedding world in 2019 as well. In many instances, the off the shoulder trend is pushed even farther, to very off the shoulder gowns or even gowns with detachable sleeves (an idea that will work wonderfully for brides who want to make a real statement with their dresses). If off the shoulder gowns don’t suit you, other designs that emphasize the collarbones will be popular too – so you have plenty of options to choose from (fine sleeves, sleeveless, and so on).
  • Detailed backs. If you want a wedding dress that will genuinely WOW your guests as you walk down the aisle, opt for something with a detailed back. For instance, a backless wedding dress with a large bow or intricate model right at the confluence between the back and the top of the skirt will look absolutely fantastic on you. This trend is quite daring, but it will definitely be appreciated by everyone!

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