Should You Have a Thrash the Dress Photo Shooting?

Wearing the most beautiful wedding dress is surely one of your top priorities for the Big Day – but what happens with it afterwards?

Some brides choose to have a thrash the dress photo session, for example. Is that right for you too, though? Should you follow in the trend as well?

We have some tips to help you decide – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • Thrash the dress photos look amazing – and it’s a wonderful way you can get to wear your beautiful gown once again. These pictures are usually quite empowering and fun, and they can complement the entire story told by all the other wedding photos in a very beautiful way.
  • At the same time, though, thrash the dress photos are not for everyone. If you have spent a lot of money on your gown and don’t want to see it ruined, or if you plan on re-selling it as a gently used wedding dress, this kind of photos shooting might not be for you. Some budget-friendly brides are quite afraid of the fact that their gown will be completely ruined and that all the money they have invested in them will not be recovered in any way – and if you’re among these brides, it’s totally fine not to have a thrash the dress session (no matter what trends might say).
  • Some thrash the dress photo sessions are “lighter” and they simply take place in unusual places (such as on a field of lavender or rapeseed flowers). In this case, the gown might get stained – but with the help of a good cleaner, you can bring it back to its original state. Further on, you can have your gown boxed to be kept for the years to come. Who knows, maybe one day your own daughter will want to use the dress for her own wedding day!
  • In the end, it is all a matter of perception and preference. If you want this unique photo shooting, you should have it. But if you’re afraid that this might affect your finances, you are completely free not to thrash the dress!

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