4 Things to Know before You Attend Your Final Wedding Dress Fitting Appointment

Looking picture-perfect is one of the most important items on a bride’s list of to-do’s – and it all starts with picking the right wedding dress to suit her, her style, her personality, her story.

Once you have ordered your gown, you will also have to attend a few fitting appointments to ensure that your wedding dress is perfect for your body – and your final wedding dress fitting appointment is of the utmost importance.

What are some of the essential things to know before you attend your final wedding dress fitting appointment?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • If you plan on losing weight, make sure you stop around the time you have your final wedding gown fitting appointment. You want this appointment to be the last one, so your wedding dress should suit your body as you will “wear” it on your Big Day. Of course, weight loss can happen afterwards too, but do make sure your dress will be able to adjust to that.
  • By the time you have your last fitting appointment, you should already own your wedding shoes. Most importantly, you should bring them with you to your fitting appointment. This is extremely important because it will determine the actual length of your wedding gown.
  • It is also important to bring the wedding day undergarments with you as well. Yes, you should bring along the actual undergarments you plan on wearing on your wedding day. This will allow your seamstress to fit the dress around your body in a way that makes the undergarments invisible (and it will also allow you to make undergarment adjustments in case you notice any irregularities during the last fitting appointment).
  • Last, but not least, it is recommended that you bring your major wedding accessories with you too. For instance, your wedding veil is important for the fitting appointment, especially if it’s very long and it needs to coordinate with the train. Other accessories are important too, because they will help you gain a better perspective of how you will actually look on your wedding day.

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