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4 Popular Gemstones and Their Symbolism

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

The jewelry you wear on your wedding day should complement your bridal look, not compete with it. It should enhance your style and help tell the story of who you are as a person.

One of our favorite ways to do accomplish this is by choosing jewelry that incorporates gemstones that tell a story. Every gemstone has a special meaning – and you should tap into that to bring more sentimentalism into your Big Day.


What are some popular bridal gemstones and the symbolism they can bring into your wedding day?

  • Rubies. Red and feminine, these gemstones are the symbols of vitality and passion. In other words, they are more than suitable for a bride who wants to wear jewelry that emanates a zest for life and love. We prefer rubies set into yellow gold, but they can also look fantastic with white gold and platinum.
  • Emeralds.  We love the symbolism attached to emeralds.  They represent growth, reflection, peace and balance. If you are the kind of bride who wants to celebrate the power of nature, or if you simply like the energy emerald green emanates, you will definitely find a lot of jewelry with this gemstone.
  • Sapphires. This gemstone can be found in a plethora of colors – but the most common is blue. Because it symbolizes purity, honesty, and trust, this gemstone is a solid choice for any bride that appreciates symbolism.  Plus, a blue sapphire can always double as your something blue.
  • Pearls. Some people believe pearls shouldn’t be worn on one’s wedding day – but that superstition is actually connected to engagement rings, rather than wedding jewelry. Other than that, pearls are all about healing and nurturing – all of which are very compatible with the idea of a wedding.  Plus, we don’t see pearls ever going out of fashion – so they will always be a classic choice.

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