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Pearls – to Wear or Not to Wear on Your Wedding Day?

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Choosing the right bridal jewelry can sometimes be about more than just the looks – it can be about the deeper meaning every single piece bears with it, it can be about sending out a message, and it can also be about wedding jewelry superstitions.

As probably one of the most frequently encountered type of bridal gemstone, pearls are also among the most debated ones.

Why are pearls highly regarded – and why are they sometimes considered not a good idea for brides?

We have some tips to help you decide – so read on and find out more.


  • Pearls are very highly appreciated by ladies everywhere because they are very elegant and gentle. There’s a sort of mysterious vibe to a pearl that makes it irresistible for women who love timeless elegance. Regardless of whether they are incorporated in a pair of very simple, dainty earrings or a necklace that’s meant to make a real statement, pearls are always a stunning element to incorporate in jewelry.
  • Despite their elegance, pearls tend to be debated when it comes to bridal jewelry. Some think that wearing pearls on your wedding day brings bad luck, but the actual superstition talks about wearing pearls on your engagement ring (because pearls are supposed to signify the tears of the bride). Thus, wearing a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace is actually not connected to any superstition.
  • At the end of the day, you decide if you want to hear out this superstition. Pearls can be an amazing accessory for any bride, particularly because their color and their grace are more than suitable for this occasion. A simple dress with a minimalist elegance to it can be gorgeously adorned by pearls, and many times, pearls are actually used within the design of the wedding dress itself as well. If you are superstitious, you might want to opt for something else as your main gemstone for the Big Day (Swarovski crystals, for instance). If you are not superstitious, though, you simply cannot go wrong with pearls.

Looking for stunning jewelry, but don’t have a very generous budget on your hands? Check out Adorn’s offers, then! Our jewelry for rental and our slightly used pieces of jewelry will save you money without compromising on the elegance and beauty of your wedding look!

Popular Jewelry Styles and the Brides Who Wear Them

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Styles of jewelry that are popular really vary according to many factors – the bride’s personality, sense of style, formalness of the wedding itself, dress style, and wedding vision. Generally, however, we’ve noticed that a bride falls into one of three categories – the traditional bride looking for classic elegance, the more confident bride going for a red carpet look, and the bride with great fashion sense for whom the accessories take on greater importance.

This year, we’re seeing the more traditional bride opt for gowns with embellished, embroidered belts or a more detailed, embroidered and embellished bodice. Because of these beautiful details, we recommend, during our personal style consultations, that brides not choose overpowering jewelry with their gowns. We frequently recommend classic diamond studs or diamond drop earrings – our Middleton earrings are a perfect example. (The diamond drop Middleton earrings, which we rent for $160, retail for $8,250.) Our Danielson earrings (diamond studs) may seem a safe choice, but the diamonds do offer a sparkle quality that no other stone can, and that sparkle can’t be had with costume jewelry. It’s that sparkle that allows for diamond studs to be seen from afar.  Adorn’s Danielson Earrings rent for $150 and retail at over $5,900.

Gown by Jim Hjelm available at Kleinfled Bridal - Jewelry available at

Gown by Jim Hjelm available at Kleinfeld Bridal - Jewelry available at

Brides that are more confident are going for that red carpet look and wanting to make a bigger impact with their jewelry, opting for a little more bling. A favorite pairing among brides in this group are our Lockwood earrings and Chadwick bracelet. Our Lockwood earrings are big – and gorgeous – chandelier earrings that rent for $200 ($13,700 retail) and shout “glamour”. The Chadwick bracelet is a diamond cuff bracelet that is a great complement to the Lockwood earrings and are similar in style and sophistication (retail $24,750, rents for $250). Strapless dresses that define simple elegance are a combination when paired with the Lockwood earrings and Chadwick bracelet. These brides are also exploring the use of colored gems.

Gown By Maggie Sottero available at Kleinfeld - Jewelry available at

Gown By Maggie Sottero available at Kleinfeld Bridal - Jewelry available at

From our most fashion sensitive brides, we’re seeing a lot of creativity. These brides don’t shop for jewelry, or other accessories such as veils, as a last minute to-do, they have a specific vision for their fashion statement on their wedding day and use each element, such as their jewelry selection, to complete the look. We’ve seen brides that fall in this category, reserving their jewelry selection prior to finding that perfect gown. A great example is one of our clients, Niurka, owner of Luli Meets Tulle, who really made a statement with her selection. (Niurka photo credit to Morgan Trinker Photography.) Niurka chose our Lockwood earrings and Chadwick bracelet, but paired them with a retro bird cage veil for a throwback  look reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. 


Lockwood Earrings & Chadwick Bracelet

Adorn Brides is the leader in fine diamond jewelry rental. We rent fine diamond jewelry to brides and women for special occasions. Adorn also offers a FREE personal style consultation to brides needing a professional opinion or assistance selecting the most appropriate bridal jewelry for their wedding day. Whether it’s diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, or diamond bracelet, we’re sure you’ll find something you love in our extensive collections. If you’re new to the concept of renting jewelry, learn more, .

We’ve Got More of Your Favorites!!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Have you been to the Adorn Brides website lately and found your favorite pieces are **gasp** out of stock?? Well never fear! We’ve just added more inventory! Hooray!

What did we add more of? All our most popular pieces of course! Like the ever popular:

The Lockwood Earrings










The Chadwick Bracelet










The Budding Necklace










So go to our website today and order your gems before these sell out as well!

Classic Wedding Elegance with Pearls

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Pearls are almost always associated with classic wedding beauty and tradition. The sheer elegance of the pearl makes it an almost given for the refined, elegant bride-to-be.

Did you know the ancient Greeks associated the pearl with love, unrivaled beauty, and  marital harmony. Thats right, according to the ancient Greeks if you wear pearls on your wedding day you and your husband will live in marital bliss. But what pearls to wear? Well, never fear now you can rent the most gorgeous pearls at Adorn Brides for an incredible price!!


  Rent these elegant, genuine diamond and pearl Hartley Earrings for only $75!





Colburn Pendant

 Looking for the perfect mix of modern and traditional? Look no further! The Colburn Pendant is a truly unique piece with an intricate diamond vine containing 3 accent diamonds weaving between 3 large pearls! Rent this pearl necklace for only $75!





Want something with a little more…omph??? The gorgeous Budding Necklace is for the nature lover in all of us. A stunning garden pattern featuring vines wwith accented pearls and diamonds in an organic asymmetrical shape! Rent this one of a kind pearl necklace for only $150!

Super Savings on Adorn Brides Jewelry

Monday, March 15th, 2010

I want to shout it from the rooftops: “Adorn Brides is having a HUGE SALE starting March 15th”. How huge? How about so huge that some of our items are up to 70% off!! All of our items that once rented for $200 will now rent for $75 and anything that was from $499-$201 will now rent for $150!! Just think of the savings! You can rent $40,000 worth of jewelry for a fraction of the price!

ShayeEarringsOur Shaye earrings retail for $5,000, rent for $190, and will be on sale renting for $75!




ChadwickBraceletThe Chadwick bracelet retails for $21,000, generally rents for $490 BUT will now rent for only $150




NeckLockwoodThe Lockwood necklace retails for $24,000, generally rents for $490 and will now rent for $150.




Not sure what to rent? No problem, you can sign up for a free consultation with one of our stylists here. We’re always here to help you guys.  You can’t afford to miss this sale!

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you are thinking about renting your jewelry for an occasion:

  • The inventory is limited so visit and place your order asap to have access to the best selection and to make sure the jewelry you want is available for your event date 
  • For weekends through October 2010, our most popular pieces are already beginning to book up. 
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts….but it won’t need to be!
  • Green Brides Rent Diamonds

    Monday, March 1st, 2010

    The Green movement is everywhere, at the supermarket in new cleaning products, on the runway in organic and bamboo fashions, and even on our favorite television shows. According to Recycled Bride, the hottest green trend for 2010 is adding sustainable products and green friendly customs into your wedding day.

    Here are a few tips:

    Buy Pre-Owned Wedding and Bridesmaids Dresses: Obtaining a pre-owned wedding dress is easier than it sounds. A lot of great websites deal in the ‘recycling’ of wedding dresses and WHY NOT? You always get a great deal, the dresses are beautiful, and you’re helping a fellow bride out. Who knows, maybe she bought the dress in a rush and then found her dream gown 3 months later (which totally happened to one of my good friends). If you’re looking for a good website to start looking, we love the gals at Encore Bridal. Check them out!

    green-wedding-tipsPre-owned Wedding Decorations: I like this option because it’s not necessarily one that everyone thinks about. Its not like you’re reusing flowers and napkins, it’s the cake server you use only once, the large/colored candy dishes you need for the centerpieces, the Victorian themed wedding gift card box you wanted so much. You can look for these pre-owned items anywhere, but I recommend checking out,, or even asking anyone of your friends who’s gotten married lately if they have anything you could use. 24 hrs before my wedding I realized I didn’t have 1)a unity candle (it’s a Catholic thing), 2)a cake server, and 3)a case to hold the bubbles everyone used when my husband and I left the church. Thank goodness one of my bridesmaids tied the knot a month before and was able to dig up all of the above.

    earringsRent Your Bridal Jewelry: This ones my favorite! Not only is it economical to rent Adorns gorgeous dazzling diamonds – it’s great for mother earth too. Renting genuine diamonds helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t believe me? Just check the Green Bride Guide for their tips on creating a sustainable wedding by renting your dress and jewelry. There’s nothing I love more than being green and looking

    If you love the idea of being a green bride and want to know more about how to expand on it – go check out Eco Chic Weddings. Its run by Emily Anderson – the author of the 2007 bestseller Eco Chic Wedding  – and has some of the best advice on how to create a wedding that’s sophisticated, stylish, and sustainable.

    Rent Runway Fashion at Adorn

    Monday, February 22nd, 2010

    We’ve blogged several times about being able to mimic Hollywood style by renting at Adorn; but what about the wedding runway fashion we all stare at in those 10 lb. wedding magazines we carry around before buying our wedding gown? Well, we can help you there too. Check out some of the latest and greatest from the Fall 2010 runway

    Recreate this classic Anna Maier look with our Chandler Earrings for only $120 and our Chadwick Bracelet for only $490!















    Get this romantic David Tutera by Faviana look with our gorgeous Abbott earrings for only $190!








    Get the bold princess look of Pnina Torani with the Lockwood Earrings for only $280!









    As you gals can see, Runway style isnt just for the Runway anymore!! Make an appointment for a free style consultation today here!

    Encore Bridal Fabulous Wedding Gown Sale!

    Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

    Encore Bridal now has a fabulous e-boutique that everyone HAS to check out! If you do, you could save THOUSANDS – not hundreds – THOUSANDS on your wedding gown.  What designers do they carry? Everyone. The Encore Bridal collection includes dresses from Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang,  Reem  Acra,  Amsale, and Pronovias just to name a few.

     RistaroseAngieGownThis gorgeous Ristarose gown was originally $2,600 and is now only $699!!! This sheath style gown with an empire waist pairs beautifully with our Budding necklace.







    Nothing could make you feel more like a princess than this classic Priscilla of Boston gown. Originally $4,860, the PriscillaofBostonGowndress is the low price of $1,600! Wowzza! Finish off your princess look with the ever timeless Spencer necklace.


    October Jewelry Rental Sales!!!

    Thursday, October 29th, 2009

    Adorn Brides has decided to gives last minute Halloween savings to anyone renting from today to Saturday, October 31st! All brides who rent no will get 25% and FREE SHIPPING! So what does this mean for you? Well, if you’ve been debating renting from us now’s the time to lock it in.

    Here are a few fantastic sale examples:


    Spectacular  Spencer

    Retail Value: $9,800

    Rental Price: $290

    Discount Rental Price: $217.50



    Classic Crestwoods

    Retail Value: $14,900

    Rental Price: $390

    Discount Rental Price: $292.50



    Lovely Lockwood

    Retail Value: $24,000

    Rental Price: $490

    Discount Rental Price: $367.50

    Beautiful Wedding Gowns for Less!

    Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

    Ok, how awesome is this idea: gives the world of weddings a way to connect buyers and sellers of new, sample and used designer wedding dresses. They’ve got over 3400 wedding dresses available to peruse in just about ANY price range (seriously – the dresses go from $100 to $10,000. Amazing).

    Wanna sell your wedding dress? This place is your dream. Its way better than putting it up on Craigslist or Ebay or some other anonymous website because your listing doesn’t expire for 12 full months AND they filter the spam requests for you. I know a few of you are shaking your heads right now “Why would I want to sell my wedding dress?” Honey, I’ve had several friends buy 2, 3, even 4 wedding dresses before they walk down the aisle. Why? They made the mistake of CONTINUING to check out dresses after they bought one. Take a piece of advice from Adorn – once you have your wedding gown stop looking at dresses! It only leads to bigger bills.

    Here are some glorious dresses (with some of our glorious gems to match) – bask in their lusciousness!

    This simple yet elegant Melissa Sweet gown pairs beautifully with the Stevenson earrings and necklace. Class Act!



    Not only is this Monique Lhuillier $1200 cheaper than retail value – its BRAND NEW! It looks amazing with the Budding earring and necklace set Monique-Lhuillier-Empire-PreOwnedBuddingNecklaceBuddingEarrings