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3 Celebrity Weddings We Want to See in 2019

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

As the year is close to an end, we look back and smile at all the weddings we’ve seen in 2018 – the ones Adorn has been part of through our services, as well as the ones that inspired us and our brides-to-be.

Obviously, we love all weddings (that’s why we keep on doing what we do, after all) – but every now and again, we allow ourselves to be star-studded by celebrity weddings happening around us. We’ve written about some of the most popular ones this year – and we’d love to think there will be more to write about in 2019 as well.

What are some of the celebrity weddings we really want to see in 2019? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • Joe LoCicero and Gina Rodriguez. Beautiful Jane the Virgin star showed off a stunning stone on her finger earlier this year and we’re expecting their Big Day to take place in 2019. We bet she will look nothing less than breathtaking (because, let’s face it, she would be radiant in the simplest white dress on Earth). This is going to give us all major wedding inspo when it happens – so exciting!
  • Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn. This one’s tricky, because rumor has it that the couple is already married (and the main trigger for this rumor was a ring people spotted on Ed’s left hand). However, the rumor has not been confirmed yet – and some say that Ed’s ring is actually an engagement ring for men (which would make their story even sweeter than it already is!). We’d really love to see them have an actual wedding next year –we bet it would be truly worthy of such a romantic couple!
  • Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. Their relationship didn’t miss out on drama (because what else would you expect from a Kardashian love story, right?). Yet, after earlier this year, rumors of Tristan cheating on KoKo were confirmed, the couple seems to be better now (friends of their family even say they are in therapy and that he actually makes Khloe happy). It would be amazing to be part (even from afar) to another Kardashian wedding in 2019 – because, let’s face it, they really know how to pull of extravagant, opulent, fairytale-material weddings!

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Our Hats Off to You, Duke & Duchess

Saturday, April 30th, 2011
The only thing better than a Royal wedding, is having a blog on which you can express opinions about the Royal wedding. It was an elegant and, yes, romantic affair, which seemed to go down without a hitch, but for many of us, the most indelible impression we come away with after watching it is, “What’s up with those hats?”

Hats, hats, hats, they were everywhere; in every size, in every shape, every color, stuck to the front of heads, affixed to the sides of heads. Some looked like bird nests, others like the decoration atop a Cake Boss cake. Wide brimmed, no brimmed, and reindeer, courtesy of Sarah Ferguson’s daughter, Princess Beatrice. Even the gents had their hats in the form of top hats. But enough about hats…

Nice touches during the wedding included the bride’s bouquet of Sweet William flowers, albeit a bouquet on the smaller side. And, it was hard to not be impressed with a wedding that included calvary. Calvary! Where do you find one of those for a girl’s wedding?!

Surprisingly moving moments included the two public kisses from the balcony (one more than is standard for Royal weddings), and the bride and groom driving themselves away in an old, sporty car that is likely worth a penny or two.  And, let’s not overlook how moving it was to witness the size and cheering from the crowds that had gathered.  What a great display of country pride that united so many people for a celebration.

But, the most surprising moment of all was seeing how similar Kate Middleton’s earrings are to our Abbott earrings and Clemons earrings! In fact, the similarities between Kate’s and our Abbott earrings were so astounding, that we’ve renamed our Abbott earrings the Middleton earrings in Kate’s honor so brides that want to rent jewelry that looks like Kate’s will know which pair is nearly identical.

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