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Pearls – to Wear or Not to Wear on Your Wedding Day?

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Choosing the right bridal jewelry can sometimes be about more than just the looks – it can be about the deeper meaning every single piece bears with it, it can be about sending out a message, and it can also be about wedding jewelry superstitions.

As probably one of the most frequently encountered type of bridal gemstone, pearls are also among the most debated ones.

Why are pearls highly regarded – and why are they sometimes considered not a good idea for brides?

We have some tips to help you decide – so read on and find out more.


  • Pearls are very highly appreciated by ladies everywhere because they are very elegant and gentle. There’s a sort of mysterious vibe to a pearl that makes it irresistible for women who love timeless elegance. Regardless of whether they are incorporated in a pair of very simple, dainty earrings or a necklace that’s meant to make a real statement, pearls are always a stunning element to incorporate in jewelry.
  • Despite their elegance, pearls tend to be debated when it comes to bridal jewelry. Some think that wearing pearls on your wedding day brings bad luck, but the actual superstition talks about wearing pearls on your engagement ring (because pearls are supposed to signify the tears of the bride). Thus, wearing a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace is actually not connected to any superstition.
  • At the end of the day, you decide if you want to hear out this superstition. Pearls can be an amazing accessory for any bride, particularly because their color and their grace are more than suitable for this occasion. A simple dress with a minimalist elegance to it can be gorgeously adorned by pearls, and many times, pearls are actually used within the design of the wedding dress itself as well. If you are superstitious, you might want to opt for something else as your main gemstone for the Big Day (Swarovski crystals, for instance). If you are not superstitious, though, you simply cannot go wrong with pearls.

Looking for stunning jewelry, but don’t have a very generous budget on your hands? Check out Adorn’s offers, then! Our jewelry for rental and our slightly used pieces of jewelry will save you money without compromising on the elegance and beauty of your wedding look!

4 Splurges That Will Make You Feel Wonderful on the Big Day

Monday, November 26th, 2018

If you are like every bride out there (at least in some respects), you want to make sure you feel splendid on your wedding day. Sure, the dress will make up for a large part of that, and the accessories will surely add to the feeling.

Before all that though, there are small things you will want to do for yourself and for your body – splurges that will prep your entire being for what’s meant to be one of the most fabulous days of your life.


• Professional manicure. This is more than a splurge – it’s a must, especially given that everyone will want to see that stunning ring on your finger. Get a fancy manicure done as soon as you get engaged and it will already put you into a fantastic mood – it’s one of the all-time favorites when it comes to pampering!
• Microblading. Eyebrows are more than important for your look – and if you want the perfect pair on your wedding day, you should definitely consider investing in microblading. If you decide to go for it, keep in mind that you should undergo the process way before your wedding – the healing takes some time, but the great news is that your eyebrows will continue to look flawless for the next 1-3 years.
• Hair treatment. While your regular hair routine might have been working really well until now, getting a professional, in-depth hair treatment might be the best idea before your wedding. From highlights to a complete change in color and various heat processes for the ideal hairdo, your hair will go through a lot to look perfect on the Big Day. Prep it for what’s to come with a truly effective salon treatment!
• Microdermabrasion. If you want your skin to look flawlessly glowing on your wedding day, you should also consider a microdermabrasion treatment. A regular at-home exfoliating routine could work very well, but since this is an important event, you might want to go beyond that – and microdermabrasion is the best there is!

renting jewelry

Looking to save as much money as you can for your Big Day? One way to do this is renting the jewelry and accessories you plan on wearing for the wedding – and Adorn offers a lot of options in this respect. Contact us and come see what we offer – we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

The American Honeymoon

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

In the past, couples focused more on traveling out of the country when it came time for their honeymoon but the trend lately seems to be staying local. Maybe its due to the recession? Maybe its due to time constraints? Who really cares! With so many fabulous and diverse places to stay in the US, it is definitely an idea worth looking into. Here are a few of Adorns favorite spots:

VermontB&BVermont: For Nature Lovers

There are plenty of awesome places to view the glory of nature in the US but one of my personal favorites has to be Vermont. Not only can you get there really easily with Jet Blue, but they have the most wonderful bed and breakfasts! Don’t believe us? Check out the many travel websites that have Vermont on the top of their romantic getaway lists like Travel and Leisure’s 2009 Top 50 Romantic Getaways.

Although there are tons of places to stay in Vermont, I’m partial to Stowe. They’ve got great sking, great food, great spas, and lots of great scenery. Book a room with a fireplace, buy some local cheese, a few bottles of wine, and totally zone out in each others arms.




SarasotaRitzCarltonFlorida: For Beach Go-ers

Florida isnt known as ‘The Sunshine State’ for nothing. They have some of the prettiest beaches in the world! My personal favorite is located in Sarasota. I literally yearn for the Ritz Carlton- Sarasota every year around this time. Not only is it truly a beautiful, luxury hotel, but its reasonably priced, 20 minutes from the airport, AND has a shuttle that takes you to their private beach and St. Armands Circle for shopping. No car rental needed.


RitzCarltonBatteryParkNew York: For City Slickers

Looking for a honeymoon with a certain air of sophistication? Try a honeymoon in NYC! This city has everything: music, museums, nightlife, dancing, art, shopping, fine dining, casual dining, anything you want! Sounds expensive right? Well, let a native New Yorker let you in on a little hint: the farther you stay from the center of Midtown Manhattan, the more inexpensive it is. Now, I’m not saying get a hotel in Queens or Brooklyn (unless you want to, then please be my guest), but I do recommend the Ritz Carlton – Battery Park. This hotel is in whats called “Lower Manhattan”, right by the water, the Native American Museum, and the Staten Island Ferry (free Ferry ride passes right by Statute of Liberty). Why is it a little cheaper? It will take you an extra 5-10 minutes to go where most of the action is; believe me when I tell you its not worth the extra cash to stay ‘in the middle of it all’ when you can be just 10 minutes away. Especially when the staff at the Ritz Battery Park is so delightful and the amenties just lovely. Spend the extra $200 a night your saving on a really sweet dinner or orchestra tickets to a Bway show.

The Best Wedding Day Primer…Ever

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Are you debating doing your own makeup for your wedding? Wondering what you’ll need to make you and your bridesmaids look gorgeous on your wedding day? Well have we got a GREAT new product for you: PurpleLabs new Pearlesque Show Silicone Free Primer.

First a Bit About Primers:
Makeup primers are often used by cosmetic professionals to make your skin look poreless, keep it moisturized, and keep your makeup on all day (very important for a wedding!!). This can be used with our without makeup, but if using with makeup you need to apply your primer first. Like all other products, there are many different kinds of primers and choosing the right now for you can be a bit of a task. Here’s something every gal should know about silicone based products. Although they do prevent shine, they have been known to cause breakouts since the silicone coats your skin and makes it occlusive (prevents penetration by trapping everything in – even the bad stuff). Break outs before your wedding are NOT COOL, so we thank cosmetic companys’ like PurpleLab for giving us other fabulous options!

PurpleLabPrimerNow The Main Event:
Pearlesque Show is a silicone free primer with that goes on super smooth. It minimizes your pores, hydrates your skin, AND evens your skin tone but that’s not all: its luxurious to the max. Evoking old Hollywood Starlet style, PurpleLab infused their new product with crushed pearls that create an instant youthful glow. What else is in it you ask? An array of mother nature’s gifts to the world such as kiwi, honey, grapeseed oil, lavender, aloe, and ginkgo biloba. This product will help keep that that expensive makeup you bought on your beautiful face all day.

So get buy it off of HSN TODAY!!  Pearlesque Show is usually the low price of $27.50, but for today and tomorrow: its $22.50!! Woo Hoo!

Gilt Groupes Wedding Weekend!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Are you still wedding dress shopping? Been to a ton of places but haven’t fallen in love yet? You want your wedding dress to be as perfect as the wedding itself (maybe even more so!) but you don’t want to spend a small fortune getting it. Get ready for Gilt Groupes Big Wedding Weekend, starting Friday, March 12, through Sunday, March 14! Gilt Groupe is a members’ only website that offers up to 70% off on coveted fashion and luxury brands for men, women and children. This time they are partnering with Martha Stewart Weddings to give us extraordinary discounts on everything wedding oriented! Designers include: Carolina Herrera, Thread, Amsale, Vera Wang Lavender, Pippa and Julie, Elle McPherson, and much, much more!

Also, bridal boutique owner Gabriella Risatti, of Gabriella New York Bridal Salon, doles out some great advice on the Gilt Groupe website about finding your perfect wedding dress. Not a member? Just let us know your email address on our blog and we’ll send you the invite. Just another way Adorn lets their followers know they love them!

Green Brides Rent Diamonds

Monday, March 1st, 2010

The Green movement is everywhere, at the supermarket in new cleaning products, on the runway in organic and bamboo fashions, and even on our favorite television shows. According to Recycled Bride, the hottest green trend for 2010 is adding sustainable products and green friendly customs into your wedding day.

Here are a few tips:

Buy Pre-Owned Wedding and Bridesmaids Dresses: Obtaining a pre-owned wedding dress is easier than it sounds. A lot of great websites deal in the ‘recycling’ of wedding dresses and WHY NOT? You always get a great deal, the dresses are beautiful, and you’re helping a fellow bride out. Who knows, maybe she bought the dress in a rush and then found her dream gown 3 months later (which totally happened to one of my good friends). If you’re looking for a good website to start looking, we love the gals at Encore Bridal. Check them out!

green-wedding-tipsPre-owned Wedding Decorations: I like this option because it’s not necessarily one that everyone thinks about. Its not like you’re reusing flowers and napkins, it’s the cake server you use only once, the large/colored candy dishes you need for the centerpieces, the Victorian themed wedding gift card box you wanted so much. You can look for these pre-owned items anywhere, but I recommend checking out,, or even asking anyone of your friends who’s gotten married lately if they have anything you could use. 24 hrs before my wedding I realized I didn’t have 1)a unity candle (it’s a Catholic thing), 2)a cake server, and 3)a case to hold the bubbles everyone used when my husband and I left the church. Thank goodness one of my bridesmaids tied the knot a month before and was able to dig up all of the above.

earringsRent Your Bridal Jewelry: This ones my favorite! Not only is it economical to rent Adorns gorgeous dazzling diamonds – it’s great for mother earth too. Renting genuine diamonds helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t believe me? Just check the Green Bride Guide for their tips on creating a sustainable wedding by renting your dress and jewelry. There’s nothing I love more than being green and looking

If you love the idea of being a green bride and want to know more about how to expand on it – go check out Eco Chic Weddings. Its run by Emily Anderson – the author of the 2007 bestseller Eco Chic Wedding  – and has some of the best advice on how to create a wedding that’s sophisticated, stylish, and sustainable.

Honeymoon Disaster Averted!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I get very paranoid when traveling to another country or across the country. Its not that I’m afraid to be somewhere new, its just that I’m afraid of getting stomach pains, a migraine, sun poisoning, a UTI, etc. All it takes is a few mishaps to turn your dream vacation into a vacation from hell! Here are a few tips to keep you in control:


1.       Bring a small ‘First Aid’ Kit

-          Why put ‘First Aid’ in quotes? Because it’s more than just bandaids and Neosporin (although they should be in there too), its Pepto, Tylenol, Dramamine, Simply Sleep; basically anything you MIGHT need in small packets of 2-4 doses. This might not seem necessary if you are going to a big city but trust me if you’re in the Swiss Alps where everything besides the restaurants close at 6 and your experiencing stomach pains you’re going to be so happy you packed your Pepto. Also, if you experience motion sickness it’s always good to have Dramamine during an unexpected rocky flight home.


HoneymoonDisasterWithBenStiller2.       Think Before You Act…ivity!

-          Tropical resorts can offer some wonderful activities to their guests but think before you book them for you and your new spouse. Horseback riding on a beach might seem like a fantasy come to life until you get off the horse and your inexperience has made your groin muscles throb…and not in a good way. This can put, how should I put this, a damper on your other honeymoon activities. If you aren’t use to a certain activity, you might be putting your vacation bliss in danger.


3.       Don’t Drink The Water

-          This seems like a no-brainer and of course only applies to certain areas of the world but its worth mentioning because it can cause SUCH a problem that not even your Pepto will help you. How do you know whether or not you should or should not drink the water at the place you’re going? Check online, I’m sure someones blogged about the place you’ve been too at one point or another.  If it tells you to beware you should make a note of a few other items to steer clear of like water washed salad or fruits, fruit juices with water added, items with ice cubes, etc. Thats right ladies…no SALAD!


4.       Avoid Dreaded  “Honeymoonitis”

-          NOTHING…and I mean NOTHING can ruin a honeymoon like a UTI can. Never had one? Well, be warned ladies, even if you’ve never had one before the extra lovin’ you’re sure to get on your honeymoon plus the dehydration which often accompanies travel can cause even the most healthy urinary tracts to go haywire. It’s horrible. I strongly suggest asking your doc for a course of prescription pills to have with you just in case. UTI’s get worse and worse (in a matter of hours) and if you’re not able to get in to see a Dr. wherever you are—you are S.O.L.  Keep some cranberry juice close at hand and be sure and drink lots of water as a precaution. 

Following these few rules will help you avoid some possible honeymoon disasters but the most important rule to remember is TO HAVE FUN! Your honeymoon is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life – soak up the happiness.

Why Starving Yourself Before Your Wedding DOESN’T Work

Friday, January 15th, 2010

One of the biggest stresses for a bride-to-be is how she will look in her wedding gown on her wedding day. Will she look fat? Will she look flabby? The issue floats around in her brain for months: all the pictures, the wedding album, the wedding video …she MUST look gorgeous!! All ladies start out exercising but sometimes make the mistake of starving themselves the week before their big day. Not only will that NOT help you lose your last few pounds, it’ll actually make you fatter. How? By slowing your metabolism down to a screeching halt. Here are a few tips to keep the pounds off:

fatbrides1. Start exercising slowing: If you haven’t worked out for awhile, don’t go full force into an exhausting workout plan. Ease into your program by doing light cardio and 1-2 reps of 10 on light weights. After week 1 you’ll be able to increase both loads.

2. Join a Wedding Fitness Web Board: This might not sound like a ‘#2 for fitness idea’ but believe me, it is. It’s amazing how great it feels speaking with other women going through the wedding weight-loss drama as well. It also relieves your soon-to-be husband from having to listen to you complain about the whole process.

3. Eat: This might seem like the opposite thing you should be doing but its not the act of eating that makes you gain weight: it’s what you eat. Avoid foods high in sodium and sugar (i.e. fast foods and sodas) and eat a bunch of small meals through the day instead of 3 big meals. Common sense I know, but when you don’t do this it’s harder to lose the poundage.

4. Sleep: Sleeping helps you lose weight? Yes. Sleepyness makes you prone to eat sugary foods to stay awake not to mention lack of sleep can lead to sickness.

5. Drink lots of water: I know we’ve all heard this one before, but try it! Did you know that most of the times you start to feel snack cravings your body is actually telling you you’re thirsty? Also, try drinking a big glass of water or iced tea with splenda right before your meals. You’ll fill up faster and have the added benefits that water gives your skin. Love this trick.

Lastly….CHILL OUT. Your fiancé asked you to marry him BEFORE you decided you had to look like a hanger-thin Olsen twin. Is it not conceivable that he might actually think you’re the definition of hotness just the way you are? (Hint: the answer is “yes”.)

The Honeymooners

Monday, November 16th, 2009

The Honeymoon, an amazing vacation that you and your husband plan together.  You can go anywhere, do anything, spend large sums of money and not feel incredibly guilty. Not only is it memorable because of where you are; it’s memorable because for the first time you and your guy are vacationing as husband and wife. Truly magnificent.

No matter where you go it’s going to be unforgettable, but sometimes the debate of where to go can start an argument between you and your beau.  Not sure where to go? Make a list of places you’ve always wanted to go to together and then look online to find out when’s the best time to go! Also, check websites like TripAdvisor for hotel reviews, sure some of them could be fake but odds are if a hotel has 290 EXCELLENT reviews out of 300, you’re going to have a good time.

Want some suggestions where to stay? Look into a few of these hotels/resorts – our staff swears by them!

Winter Wonderland: Coeur Des Alpes –  Zermatt, Switzerland

CouerdesAlpesLove to ski? Love the snow?  If you’re getting married during the winter/holiday season you may want to look into something super festive: like the Swiss Alps. One of our staff members honeymooned at the Coeur des Alpes and LOVED IT! Here’s why:

“ The night we arrived, we were greeted at the train station (at 9pm!) and escorted back to the hotel. They served us Prosecco and homemade apple cake by the lobby fireplace immediately so we could warm up (without asking) and brought our luggage to our room.  The penthouse room (shown above) was immaculate and had the most amazing view of the Matterhorn right from the bed. I’m not talking a slight view if you strained your neck, I’m talking full wall of windows looking straight into the mountains as you lie down relaxing. Gorgeous The staff was always amazingly nice and gave us wonderful suggestions where to go. If you go, get up and go to the free breakfast in the morning. I’m still dreaming of the quark mousse…in fact, I wish I was there now”


Island Getaway: Flor Blanca – Costa Rica

FlorBlancaLooking for that perfect beach oasis? Longing for privacy on your honeymoon?  Take a step out of the honeymoon beach box and try Costa Rica! One of our staff members stayed at the Flor Blanca and LOVED IT! Here’s why:

 “The place is relatively small with 14 cabanas so everything is very personalized. Its quiet so if you’re looking for night life this is not the place to go. The Chef was amazing and we had access to private surfing lessons, a 3-hour private horse ride through a local ranch and on the beach at sunset. Sounds cheesy I know, but it was really great….not one of those hoaky rides where the horses go in a line and you have to wear a helmet. We definitely plan on going back. Interesting fact: Giselle Bunchen lives just up the road and often comes to the hotel to use their internet access. LOL!”

*Important Tip* Book early. The best places generally book up 6 months in advance.  For example, the Coeur des Alpes generally books up 10-12 months in advance so reserve early!

What’s More Important To You?

Monday, November 9th, 2009

You are given so many choices as a bride that sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Here’s a great tip from Adorn: sit down with your groom-to-be early on in the engagement and make an ordered list of what is more or less important to you during each part of the wedding day. After the lists are made: post them on your frig. I know it sounds a bit nutty but believe us, this will help you make the tough decisions later on in the planning process.

How about we help you get things started with a little poll? Sounds fun? I knew it would!