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A Simple Shade

Friday, July 29th, 2016

This week we’re going to keep it simple. Instead of matching up our jewelry with extravagant gowns full of color and frills, we’re going to show you how a little bit of colorful sparkle can do wonders for a simple dress!


First up is our Ruby Bracelet. This classic gold bracelet is surrounded by diamonds and rubies fit for a queen! We matched it with an elegant and simple Lela Rose mermaid gown. This dress gives off an air of sophistication that works perfectly with this deep colored bracelet.
The second match we’ve created is our blue sapphire Dryden Bracelet with a simple southern wedding dress. This dress is full of southern charm with its lace design on top and a flowing white skirt. The blue of the Dryden Bracelet just adds more romantic charm to the look!
Lastly, we have a beautiful Justin Alexander cap sleeve gown that we paired with our Alicia Bracelet. This genuine Opal bracelet is wrapped with real gold to create a simple, elegant look. Opal is the stone of hope and innocence and we think it looks stunning with a simple cap sleeve gown!
At, we have all sorts of colorful jewelry for any bridal look. Whether you’re going for an extravagant gown full of radiant color or a simple white gown that is full of elegance, we have plenty of real diamond jewelry for every bride’s needs!

Dealing With Drunks: And Other Ways of Keeping Cool During Your Wedding

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Weddings are wonderful – a time for celebration and joy. The memories you make on this day will stay with you for the rest of your life. 90% of these memories will be nothing but happiness and smiles – however, sometimes people can make your day…how can we say it…a little more colorful. Here are a few days to deal.

SPL3299_0101.       Take Care of the “Problem” Guests Early:

We all know our cousin Frankie takes his clothes off whiles he dances to the song ‘I’m Too Sexy’ and while its hilarious to watch it might not be the kind of thing you want on your wedding video. Be prepared. Tell the DJ ahead of time to avoid playing any songs that might cause too much of a ruckus. Also, see if someone can talk to any problematic people before your reception starts. In my experience, it’s usually better if it doesn’t come from you since it can easily be brushed off as a “Bridezilla” moment.  Your Dad threatening your cousin to keep his pants on will be much more effective AND possibly hilarious if the photographer captures a shot of the intimidating conversation.


2.       Always Carry Extra Cash:

You love your sister more than life itself but let’s face it – she’s a flake. So you shouldn’t be surprised that she forgot to bring cash to pay the limo driver enough though SHE PROMISED she was going to take care of it. Now there’s a scene building outside and you’ve been asked to intervene. No problem – you brought extra cash JUST for this type of incident! You thought ahead! Congratulations! So take a deep breath, give your sister the stink eye, pay the limo driver, and then give her a big hug. “You’d be in big trouble if I didn’t love you so much” you joke. Everyone smiles – especially your sister – because this bride is the picture of composure!


3.       Don’t Sweat the Nastiness:

Forget not sweating the small stuff – don’t sweat other people’s nasty attitudes. While most will be giving you nothing but love, there may be one or two individuals who attempt to bring you down – don’t let them! So what if your grandmother didn’t come to your wedding because she ‘didn’t want people to think she’s old’ (you’re 80 Nanna, people don’t think you’re old THEY KNOW IT!). Brush it off, you and your groom look fabulous and will have nothing to do with the drama everyone else causes…until you return from your honeymoon to find your aunt found our about your cousins secret baby. Rrrruuuut Roouugh (insert Scooby Doo voice.)

Fancy Weddings on a Budget

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

You don’t need me to tell you that money just isn’t flowing like it use to. Everyone has experienced the crunch in one way or another which is why some brides are changing their wedding budgets and getting more creative with their cash. Keep in mind: budget does not mean cheap. There are plenty of ways to have the lavish wedding of your dreams without getting into serious debt. Here are a few items we’d like to share:

1 – Do Your Research

There are so many wedding vendors nowadays that you simply must do your research. Look around and see who has the best price best with the best quality. Photographer ‘A’ might be fantastic but Photographer ‘B’ might be just as good plus comes along in a package with a videographer and a disc jockey. You don’t believe me? Check out the website for I know plenty of people who went with them and who were very happy with their service.
Also, when comparing wedding venues – look to see what they really have to offer. Banquet Hall ‘A’ might have a koi pond and a gazebo but banquet hall ’B’ will throw in a wedding cake, free centerpieces, and will let you remove 20 guests 2 weeks before the wedding in case of late withdrawals. Forget the unnecessary glitz, if you go with venue B you just saved yourself over $3,000!

2 – Cut Your Guest List

Think about it, the average dinner plate at a wedding is anywhere from $100-125 per person. If you take 10 guests off your list you could be saving up to $1,250! That’ll pay for you a big chunk of your honeymoon! Although you might want to invite 175 people at first, it’s really the people who you are truly close with that make your wedding day special. Not your second cousin twice removed (unless he’s the life of the party) or your best friend from kindergarten who you haven’t spoken to since junior high.

3 – Rent your Wedding Jewelry

Ladies, we all want to look fabulous on the day of our wedding and there is no reason that you shouldn’t go all out – just do it the smart way. Renting your diamond jewelry is not only classy –it’s economical! For only $100 you can rent the gorgeous Coleman Pendant – a 3 dimensional pear cut diamond. Utterly stunning!

So simple yet so beautiful! Nothing glitters like the Coleman Pendant

So simple yet so beautiful! Nothing glitters like the Coleman Pendant

Budget Tip: Try to put aside 20-25% of your monthly income aside just for the wedding. I know this is difficult – but it can be done!! When one of my girlfriends was engaged, she sat down with her fiancé and looked at their expenses. They were spending 35% of our joint monthly income on going out! For 10 months they decided to only go out on Saturdays, to only take ‘staycations’, not to buy each other presents for any holidays/anniversaries, etc. By the time the wedding came around we had enough money to pay cash for everything!

Choosing a Wedding Veil

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Wedding veils are a tricky business. Not only are there dozens of different styles but many brides aren’t even sure if they want to wear one. Well we here at Adorn are here to help! First, you should never buy a veil before ordering your wedding dress. Veil purchases should only be made when you know exactly what style/color your dress will be since they come in so many different designs.

Try to keep in mind that veils should compliment – not compete – with your entire wedding look. Also, think outside of the box when debating veil styles. The vintage mantilla is making a huge comeback as of late. This veil is reminiscent of Spanish royalty (made famous by Queen Isabel II in the 1800s) and frames the face with a feminine scalloped piece of lace. Mantilla’s are romantic and trendy yet utterly timeless and can be found in both conventional bridal shops and small business internet community websites such as These babies can run anywhere from $165 – $500 so if you decide on wearing one – do some shopping around and give yourself enough time to order one.

This gorgeous couture chapel length mantilla is on sale on for $110 from SalChar. Interested? Check it out here!