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Diamonds Are a Bride’s Best Friend – But What Do You Do When the Price Tag is Unaffordable?

Sunday, December 9th, 2018

Without a doubt, diamonds are a girl’s best friend – especially when it comes to important moments in her life like her wedding.

Unfortunately, though, even the most affordable diamonds don’t come cheap – and when you are a budget-bound bride, jewelry that includes these beautiful gemstones can feel completely off the table.

What do you do when the price tag of wedding-day diamonds exceeds your budget? We have some tips for you.


  • Investigate “the diamond for everyone.” Not many people know this, but Swarovski crystals were originally created to be a “diamond” for everyone – a more affordable, equally beautiful stone to incorporate in jewelry that would have otherwise included diamonds. Swarovski crystals these days can come at a hefty price – but even so, they are less expensive than diamonds, more versatile in terms of colors, and they can be worn in many stunning ways.
  • Peruse our gently used jewelry. If you don’t want to compromise on the luxury of your bridal accessories, but don’t want to break the bank either, gently used jewelry is always a great option. It usually comes at a much smaller price than the price it fetched new, it looks stunning, and it can be re-sold again should you ever want to recover part of your wedding day investment.
  • Explore your rental jewelry options. If you want to spend a minimal amount of money on your wedding jewelry but look like you’re wearing thousands of dollars’ worth of accessories, you can rent them. This is by far one of the most budget-friendly options you have, potentially saving you thousands of dollars without compromising the glamorous look you’ve dreamed of.

Here at Adorn, we can help you pick stunning rental and gently used jewelry that will astonish every guest at your wedding – so come check us out as soon as possible!

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