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How to Save More Money for Your Honeymoon?

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

After all the wedding planning, after all the ups and downs of bringing together so many people (and so many details!), after the magical Big Day, all you will want is to retreat somewhere far from the madding crowd – just you and your significant other, spending time together, relaxing and building your first memories as a married couple.

Unfortunately, though, dream honeymoons don’t come cheap – so if your budget isn’t very generous, you will have to make sure you save enough money to have the honeymoon you deserve.

How to do that? We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • Budget the wedding itself. Yes, it might feel difficult to do this especially given the high price of everything wedding-related. However, with attention to detail and determination, you can actually create a stunning event and not break the bank. For instance, you don’t need to serve very expensive food – most people will be actually happier with comfort foods (and they are very trendy right now too!).
  • Plan a smaller wedding. This is one of the very first things to consider when you want to stick to a restrictive budget. The larger your wedding is, the more you will have to pay for everything – from the venue itself to the food, drinks, and even the décor.
  • Be ready to make compromises for the honeymoon. There are so many ways to save money on the honeymoon itself and still get to live your dream tip on exotic lands! For starters, you could postpone your honeymoon to a time of the year that’s cheaper for your chosen destination (you really don’t HAVE TO leave right after the wedding, and there’s no actual rule to say that). Booking the plane tickets and the accommodation well ahead of time can also help you save big money. Staying at an AirBNB can be much less expensive than a 5-star hotel (and it can provide you with the same level of comfort). These are just some of the things you can do to plan a dream honeymoon on a tight budget!
  • Budget your look. No, you don’t have to dress in a cheap gown and wear plastic jewelry on your wedding day. Buying slightly used or simply renting them can actually save you thousands of dollars in total – and you can still get to wear designer items, just as you have always wanted to on your wedding day.

Looking for rental bridal jewelry or slightly used wedding accessories? Contact Adorn and come see what we offer! We guarantee you will LOVE the pieces we hold in store!

Barn Bride

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Rustic WeddingBarn weddings have never been more popular than right now and summer is the perfect time for them! Three things to keep in mind for your rustic barn wedding are lots of flowers, plenty of wooden elements, and the perfect dress. The key to a picture perfect rustic wedding is sticking flowers wherever you can. Pick out plenty of options and add them into your centerpieces, down the aisle, and anywhere in between. Obviously, a wedding wouldn’t be rustic without its wooden elements: A cute little sign, lots of wooden chairs for your guests, and of course, the wooden barn of your dreams! Lastly, make sure you’ve got the perfect dress. We’ve picked out one that perfectly combines that rustic feel with a touch of modern design. By pairing the dress with our Isabella Hair Pin and Materson Bracelet, you get the perfect touch of sparkle on your rustic wedding day!

The Perfect Honeymoon Lipstick

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

I’m pretty sure makeup is not high on your Honeymoon Checklist right now…but maybe it should be?? You want to pack light but don’t know what exactly you’ll need. Well have I got the perfect lipstick for you! Purple Labs new “Luvah” line is the ultimate honeymoon cosmetic. “Luvah” is enriched with aphrodisiacs (ME-OW), Complex OO (which is a double plumper that works immediately and over time), ylang-ylang, and a hint of a sinful vanilla/mint fragrance. “Aphrodisiac lipstick?” you ask, you better believe it.  What’s more ideal for your honeymoon?

The lipstick comes in a cute little compact with a stain on one side and a pearly gloss on the other. They are positively perfect by themselves but if you want a little extra oomph mix them. It’s the richest nude I’ve ever worn…like evah; and I’ve worn a ton of them! The brown undertones are so soft and the gloss so luxurious, you’ll be able to wear it day or night. In fact, I wore this ALL weekend: out to dinner on Friday, shopping and a party on Saturday, and at Stop N Shop on Sunday.

LuvahLipstickThere are only 2 shades in this lipstick category BUT they are super duper shades that any gal can wear: nude and berry. Not only do they come in two multi-purpose shades but Creatrix Karen Robinovitz named this new makeup tool after the two worst types of guys to date: Mama’s Boy (nude) and Rich Jerk (berry). Ha!! Karen you are hilarious and we here at Adorn just love you.

Honeymoon Disaster Averted!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I get very paranoid when traveling to another country or across the country. Its not that I’m afraid to be somewhere new, its just that I’m afraid of getting stomach pains, a migraine, sun poisoning, a UTI, etc. All it takes is a few mishaps to turn your dream vacation into a vacation from hell! Here are a few tips to keep you in control:


1.       Bring a small ‘First Aid’ Kit

-          Why put ‘First Aid’ in quotes? Because it’s more than just bandaids and Neosporin (although they should be in there too), its Pepto, Tylenol, Dramamine, Simply Sleep; basically anything you MIGHT need in small packets of 2-4 doses. This might not seem necessary if you are going to a big city but trust me if you’re in the Swiss Alps where everything besides the restaurants close at 6 and your experiencing stomach pains you’re going to be so happy you packed your Pepto. Also, if you experience motion sickness it’s always good to have Dramamine during an unexpected rocky flight home.


HoneymoonDisasterWithBenStiller2.       Think Before You Act…ivity!

-          Tropical resorts can offer some wonderful activities to their guests but think before you book them for you and your new spouse. Horseback riding on a beach might seem like a fantasy come to life until you get off the horse and your inexperience has made your groin muscles throb…and not in a good way. This can put, how should I put this, a damper on your other honeymoon activities. If you aren’t use to a certain activity, you might be putting your vacation bliss in danger.


3.       Don’t Drink The Water

-          This seems like a no-brainer and of course only applies to certain areas of the world but its worth mentioning because it can cause SUCH a problem that not even your Pepto will help you. How do you know whether or not you should or should not drink the water at the place you’re going? Check online, I’m sure someones blogged about the place you’ve been too at one point or another.  If it tells you to beware you should make a note of a few other items to steer clear of like water washed salad or fruits, fruit juices with water added, items with ice cubes, etc. Thats right ladies…no SALAD!


4.       Avoid Dreaded  “Honeymoonitis”

-          NOTHING…and I mean NOTHING can ruin a honeymoon like a UTI can. Never had one? Well, be warned ladies, even if you’ve never had one before the extra lovin’ you’re sure to get on your honeymoon plus the dehydration which often accompanies travel can cause even the most healthy urinary tracts to go haywire. It’s horrible. I strongly suggest asking your doc for a course of prescription pills to have with you just in case. UTI’s get worse and worse (in a matter of hours) and if you’re not able to get in to see a Dr. wherever you are—you are S.O.L.  Keep some cranberry juice close at hand and be sure and drink lots of water as a precaution. 

Following these few rules will help you avoid some possible honeymoon disasters but the most important rule to remember is TO HAVE FUN! Your honeymoon is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life – soak up the happiness.

The Honeymooners

Monday, November 16th, 2009

The Honeymoon, an amazing vacation that you and your husband plan together.  You can go anywhere, do anything, spend large sums of money and not feel incredibly guilty. Not only is it memorable because of where you are; it’s memorable because for the first time you and your guy are vacationing as husband and wife. Truly magnificent.

No matter where you go it’s going to be unforgettable, but sometimes the debate of where to go can start an argument between you and your beau.  Not sure where to go? Make a list of places you’ve always wanted to go to together and then look online to find out when’s the best time to go! Also, check websites like TripAdvisor for hotel reviews, sure some of them could be fake but odds are if a hotel has 290 EXCELLENT reviews out of 300, you’re going to have a good time.

Want some suggestions where to stay? Look into a few of these hotels/resorts – our staff swears by them!

Winter Wonderland: Coeur Des Alpes –  Zermatt, Switzerland

CouerdesAlpesLove to ski? Love the snow?  If you’re getting married during the winter/holiday season you may want to look into something super festive: like the Swiss Alps. One of our staff members honeymooned at the Coeur des Alpes and LOVED IT! Here’s why:

“ The night we arrived, we were greeted at the train station (at 9pm!) and escorted back to the hotel. They served us Prosecco and homemade apple cake by the lobby fireplace immediately so we could warm up (without asking) and brought our luggage to our room.  The penthouse room (shown above) was immaculate and had the most amazing view of the Matterhorn right from the bed. I’m not talking a slight view if you strained your neck, I’m talking full wall of windows looking straight into the mountains as you lie down relaxing. Gorgeous The staff was always amazingly nice and gave us wonderful suggestions where to go. If you go, get up and go to the free breakfast in the morning. I’m still dreaming of the quark mousse…in fact, I wish I was there now”


Island Getaway: Flor Blanca – Costa Rica

FlorBlancaLooking for that perfect beach oasis? Longing for privacy on your honeymoon?  Take a step out of the honeymoon beach box and try Costa Rica! One of our staff members stayed at the Flor Blanca and LOVED IT! Here’s why:

 “The place is relatively small with 14 cabanas so everything is very personalized. Its quiet so if you’re looking for night life this is not the place to go. The Chef was amazing and we had access to private surfing lessons, a 3-hour private horse ride through a local ranch and on the beach at sunset. Sounds cheesy I know, but it was really great….not one of those hoaky rides where the horses go in a line and you have to wear a helmet. We definitely plan on going back. Interesting fact: Giselle Bunchen lives just up the road and often comes to the hotel to use their internet access. LOL!”

*Important Tip* Book early. The best places generally book up 6 months in advance.  For example, the Coeur des Alpes generally books up 10-12 months in advance so reserve early!