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Popular Jewelry Styles and the Brides Who Wear Them

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Styles of jewelry that are popular really vary according to many factors – the bride’s personality, sense of style, formalness of the wedding itself, dress style, and wedding vision. Generally, however, we’ve noticed that a bride falls into one of three categories – the traditional bride looking for classic elegance, the more confident bride going for a red carpet look, and the bride with great fashion sense for whom the accessories take on greater importance.

This year, we’re seeing the more traditional bride opt for gowns with embellished, embroidered belts or a more detailed, embroidered and embellished bodice. Because of these beautiful details, we recommend, during our personal style consultations, that brides not choose overpowering jewelry with their gowns. We frequently recommend classic diamond studs or diamond drop earrings – our Middleton earrings are a perfect example. (The diamond drop Middleton earrings, which we rent for $160, retail for $8,250.) Our Danielson earrings (diamond studs) may seem a safe choice, but the diamonds do offer a sparkle quality that no other stone can, and that sparkle can’t be had with costume jewelry. It’s that sparkle that allows for diamond studs to be seen from afar.  Adorn’s Danielson Earrings rent for $150 and retail at over $5,900.

Gown by Jim Hjelm available at Kleinfled Bridal - Jewelry available at

Gown by Jim Hjelm available at Kleinfeld Bridal - Jewelry available at

Brides that are more confident are going for that red carpet look and wanting to make a bigger impact with their jewelry, opting for a little more bling. A favorite pairing among brides in this group are our Lockwood earrings and Chadwick bracelet. Our Lockwood earrings are big – and gorgeous – chandelier earrings that rent for $200 ($13,700 retail) and shout “glamour”. The Chadwick bracelet is a diamond cuff bracelet that is a great complement to the Lockwood earrings and are similar in style and sophistication (retail $24,750, rents for $250). Strapless dresses that define simple elegance are a combination when paired with the Lockwood earrings and Chadwick bracelet. These brides are also exploring the use of colored gems.

Gown By Maggie Sottero available at Kleinfeld - Jewelry available at

Gown By Maggie Sottero available at Kleinfeld Bridal - Jewelry available at

From our most fashion sensitive brides, we’re seeing a lot of creativity. These brides don’t shop for jewelry, or other accessories such as veils, as a last minute to-do, they have a specific vision for their fashion statement on their wedding day and use each element, such as their jewelry selection, to complete the look. We’ve seen brides that fall in this category, reserving their jewelry selection prior to finding that perfect gown. A great example is one of our clients, Niurka, owner of Luli Meets Tulle, who really made a statement with her selection. (Niurka photo credit to Morgan Trinker Photography.) Niurka chose our Lockwood earrings and Chadwick bracelet, but paired them with a retro bird cage veil for a throwback  look reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. 


Lockwood Earrings & Chadwick Bracelet

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Our Hats Off to You, Duke & Duchess

Saturday, April 30th, 2011
The only thing better than a Royal wedding, is having a blog on which you can express opinions about the Royal wedding. It was an elegant and, yes, romantic affair, which seemed to go down without a hitch, but for many of us, the most indelible impression we come away with after watching it is, “What’s up with those hats?”

Hats, hats, hats, they were everywhere; in every size, in every shape, every color, stuck to the front of heads, affixed to the sides of heads. Some looked like bird nests, others like the decoration atop a Cake Boss cake. Wide brimmed, no brimmed, and reindeer, courtesy of Sarah Ferguson’s daughter, Princess Beatrice. Even the gents had their hats in the form of top hats. But enough about hats…

Nice touches during the wedding included the bride’s bouquet of Sweet William flowers, albeit a bouquet on the smaller side. And, it was hard to not be impressed with a wedding that included calvary. Calvary! Where do you find one of those for a girl’s wedding?!

Surprisingly moving moments included the two public kisses from the balcony (one more than is standard for Royal weddings), and the bride and groom driving themselves away in an old, sporty car that is likely worth a penny or two.  And, let’s not overlook how moving it was to witness the size and cheering from the crowds that had gathered.  What a great display of country pride that united so many people for a celebration.

But, the most surprising moment of all was seeing how similar Kate Middleton’s earrings are to our Abbott earrings and Clemons earrings! In fact, the similarities between Kate’s and our Abbott earrings were so astounding, that we’ve renamed our Abbott earrings the Middleton earrings in Kate’s honor so brides that want to rent jewelry that looks like Kate’s will know which pair is nearly identical.

For more information on how you can get similar looks as those you saw during the Royal Wedding, watch The Early Show on CBS next Monday, May 2ndAdorn Brides’ real diamond royal jewelry look-alikes will be modeled alongside royal wedding attire knock offs.