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4 Splurges That Will Make You Feel Wonderful on the Big Day

Monday, November 26th, 2018

If you are like every bride out there (at least in some respects), you want to make sure you feel splendid on your wedding day. Sure, the dress will make up for a large part of that, and the accessories will surely add to the feeling.

Before all that though, there are small things you will want to do for yourself and for your body – splurges that will prep your entire being for what’s meant to be one of the most fabulous days of your life.


• Professional manicure. This is more than a splurge – it’s a must, especially given that everyone will want to see that stunning ring on your finger. Get a fancy manicure done as soon as you get engaged and it will already put you into a fantastic mood – it’s one of the all-time favorites when it comes to pampering!
• Microblading. Eyebrows are more than important for your look – and if you want the perfect pair on your wedding day, you should definitely consider investing in microblading. If you decide to go for it, keep in mind that you should undergo the process way before your wedding – the healing takes some time, but the great news is that your eyebrows will continue to look flawless for the next 1-3 years.
• Hair treatment. While your regular hair routine might have been working really well until now, getting a professional, in-depth hair treatment might be the best idea before your wedding. From highlights to a complete change in color and various heat processes for the ideal hairdo, your hair will go through a lot to look perfect on the Big Day. Prep it for what’s to come with a truly effective salon treatment!
• Microdermabrasion. If you want your skin to look flawlessly glowing on your wedding day, you should also consider a microdermabrasion treatment. A regular at-home exfoliating routine could work very well, but since this is an important event, you might want to go beyond that – and microdermabrasion is the best there is!

renting jewelry

Looking to save as much money as you can for your Big Day? One way to do this is renting the jewelry and accessories you plan on wearing for the wedding – and Adorn offers a lot of options in this respect. Contact us and come see what we offer – we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Winter Bride? Accessorize In Tune with the Season!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

There’s something utterly amazing about a winter wedding. It may be the warmth of the indoors, the comfort of the foods associated with winter events, the joy of Christmas and New Year’s floating in the air, or simply the magic of snow. It may be the wider availability of venues and vendors and the lower prices. Or it may just be the fact that your love story is connected to winter one way or another.

Whatever it is, if you have your heart set on a winter wedding, you deserve the very best, from A to Z – and your accessories should definitely be a priority.

How to accessorize as a winter bride? We have some tips and ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Diamonds. Well, OK, diamonds are always in fashion – there’s just no way anyone can say that diamonds are “so last year”. There’s something about their sparkle and glamor that works especially well for winter brides, though – so if you want to look truly glamorous, a diamond statement piece will definitely be a great choice.
  • Pearls. Their color and their timelessness make them a true ally for all brides – but when it comes to winter weddings, pearls tend to be associated even more with snow, magic, and luxury. Thankfully, you can wear pearls in a myriad of ways – from stunning dripping earrings to sophisticated multi-layered bracelets.
  • Swarovski clutch purse. Although you will not wear a clutch purse down the aisle, having one in handy is the easiest way to make sure your absolute basics are there, with you (because, let’s face it: who doesn’t need a lipstick refresh)? This is a great opportunity to incorporate yet another fabulous winter-worthy and elegant piece into your wedding look – such as a clutch purse made with Swarovski crystals (for a dash of glamor) and tulle (for a feminine and bridal-worthy touch). Incorporate this into your wedding look and it will help you complement your attire in the most beautiful way there is!

Looking for budget-friendly wedding accessories? Have you ever considered renting some of the pieces that would otherwise be very expensive? If so, you MUST check out what Adorn has to offer – we promise you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety, quality, and prices of our products!

4 Things You Can Do With Your Wedding Attire After the Big Day

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

Photos by Sweet Ice Cream Photography and Mike&Noemi Gonzalez on Unsplash.

As a bride, you want to look nothing less than absolutely flawless on your wedding day. You want to shine, you want to be the most amazing woman in the room (and on a three-state radius), you want this to be your BIG day in every way there is.

Of course, you will do everything in your power to make sure you feel absolutely amazing on your wedding day – and that’s absolutely natural and fine.

What do you do after the wedding day? What happens with your dress, jewelry, and accessories?

Well, we have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Keep the dress as a souvenir. Many brides decide to keep their wedding dress as a souvenir (and a lot of them think that maybe, one day, their own daughters will want to use their dresses for their own wedding day). If you decide to do this, our advice is to make sure you take it to a professional preservationist – it will help you maintain your gown’s beauty intact regardless of how long you want to keep it.
  • Donate it or give it away. If you want your wedding dress to serve a meaningful purpose once the Big Day is done, you can always donate it or give it to a friend who cannot afford buying her own gown. This gesture will bring so much happiness in someone’s life and it will make YOU feel so great about it too! Many women would “kill” to have a dress like yours – so why not make their wedding dreams come true just as yours came true on the Big Day too?
  • Sell your wedding dress. If you want to recover part of the money you invested in your wedding gown, you can always sell it as well. There are specialized boutiques that take in gently used wedding dresses and sell them further for lower prices. A bride on a lower budget will be SO happy to wear a less expensive, but absolutely stunning dress at her wedding!

You can sell your wedding jewelry and accessories too! Here at Adorn, we accept slightly used wedding day accessories for sale, so if you have something, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We guarantee you will never regret it!

4 Amazing Ways to Help You Save Money on Your Wedding Look

Monday, November 5th, 2018

As a bride, you want to look nothing less than downright spectacular as you walk down the aisle and celebrate your Big Day. However, looking picture-perfect frequently comes with a pretty hefty price. From the wedding gown itself to the shoes, hair, and even makeup, everything about your bridal look will most likely cost quite a lot.

What is there to do? What are some of the best ways to save some money on your wedding look without compromising on how a luxurious bridal look will make you feel?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Hunt for a discount wedding gown. For instance, sample sizes are usually sold on heavy discounts – but even if you don’t belong to that particular sizing range, you can still find a lot of wedding dresses on discount. It’s important to follow the price reduction patterns practiced by the biggest bridal boutiques in your area. Furthermore, having all your money ready to make a payment can also save you money (e.g. you might get up to 10-20% off just for paying in advance, during special events held by the bridal boutiques).
  • Sell your wedding dress. Not particularly keen on keeping the wedding gown as a memory of the Big Day? Sell it as a gently used wedding gown – you might not be able to get back its entire price, but you will recover a pretty large sum of money this way.
  • Do your own hair and makeup. If you’re daring enough and if you know you’re crafty, why not create your own bridal hairstyle and makeup? Not only will you save a lot of money on the specialists you would have to hire otherwise, but you will also get the chance to keep a lot of products (both for your hair and for your makeup). With a bit of training and some YouTube videos, you can pull off something really nice!
  • Rent your wedding jewelry. Why pay the full price for a pair of diamond earrings you won’t be wearing anytime soon? Renting is a more financially-savvy option – and it will allow you to pick whatever pieces of jewelry suit you and your style most, without feeling restricted by a limited budget!

Looking for a place that allows brides to rent their wedding day jewelry? Contact Adorn right now and come check out what we offer – we guarantee you will LOVE it in our store!

The Makeup Woes

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016
Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day and for most brides that means applying a bit of makeup before they walk down the aisle. But what is the best way to do wedding makeup? Should you do your own everyday makeup or should you hire a professional to really get that perfect bride look? We had a quick Q & A with our partner, Christina Lawton from Captivating Beauty to answer some of our questions!
Q: How many hours ahead should a bride have her makeup done?
A: I like to have my brides ready at least an hour before their ceremony. I usually spend that hour or so before they need to go, helping them get ready for the walk down the isle. Its usually the time where if anything goes wrong, is the time to fix/adjust the situation and the Bride’s stress level will be at her highest. Take that time to sit, relax and let the people around you handle everything else.
Q: Should a bride do touch ups on her own or by a makeup artist?
A: Many of my Brides book me by my day rate, where they get me plus my assistant for a set amount of time that runs from the morning to their reception. This way they get an all inclusive styling and touch up experience and  don’t need to worry about anything. They like it because beyond touch ups, they can switch up their look for the evening. For my brides that book ala carte, they usually get a Glam Kitti which I customize for them and sometimes the whole bridal party will get one! Its the best little touch up kit that you can put your setting powder, lip color or concealer in and includes a mirror, blotting paper, lip brush, spatula and powder puff. Because I’ve customized with with everything I’ve already applied its perfect!
Q: Is it important to do a practice round of makeup before the wedding or should a bride just show up and get her makeup done?
A: I always require a trial before any Bride’s wedding. It’s essential because its a time for me and my bride to talk and decide what look will make her feel the most beautiful. By deciding before the wedding day, takes the stress away and saves time the day of. Imagine trying to figure out of you want a bold lip, smokey eye or subtle pinks while on a time crunch to get ready, into your gown, bouquets in hand and then possibly not be happy with the look you “just went with” because there was no time left.
Q: What are the best colors for a bride? Does it depend on the type of wedding?
A: Colors for a Bridal look depends completely on a brides tones, personality and even culture. Some weddings like Indian, Persian and some Asian cultures use certain colors of significance for their ceremonies.
Q: What brands of makeup do you think is best for wedding makeup?
A: There really aren’t brands that are best for bridal but it is more important to look at the ingredients in the makeup. For example, did you know spf can cause a flashback from a professional photograph? Some of my favorite brands to use are Make Up For Ever, RCMA, Temptu, Viseart and Skindinavia’s Bridal Setting Spray. I carry a range of brands in my kit because so many brands have great products. Many people like Ben Nye banana powder, I go for RCMA’s no color powder. Anyone of any race can use it because there’s no tint to it and you can re apply as much as you want to touch up and it wont ever change the look of your makeup.
Q: Should a bride do her own makeup or have it professionally done?
A: I get a lot of comments regarding what a professional makeup application costs because “anyone can do it.” The answer is yes, you can, and you could also take your own wedding pictures and record it all on your camcorder and play music from your iPod. But you don’t, why? Because you know a professional will do a better job. People might not even remember what music was played at your wedding or what type of flowers you had, but they WILL remember what you looked like, and you’ll have the photos for a lifetime. Don’t you want to make sure you look picture perfect ready in all of them? On the day you go from Miss to Mrs wouldn’t you like to be pampered for the day and not worry about anything?
Q: What kind of products do you use to keep makeup from melting in the heat?
A: Make Up For Ever with some mattifyling gel does great in the heat! A finishing spray to lock it in will seal the deal and if it all goes awry, ill be there to reapply anything as needed…unless you have your glam kitti!!
Q: What sort of makeup do you do for a bride that likes having her makeup to the extreme? How about a bride that wants as little makeup as possible?
A: You can apply the same makeup to 2 different brides and get 2 different looks all depending how you apply! Brides who want a glammed up look will often opt for a more smokey eye or bold lip while a more subtle bride will like a soft pink lip, natural blush and light color on the lid. Sometimes a bride will go light for the ceremony and for the reception, all i meed is to change up the lip color, smoke up the eyes and touch up the blush and she goes from blushing bride to beautiful bombshell!
Q: What kind of weddings have you done makeup for?
A: I’ve done large, intimate, cultural weddings where I’m booked for a three day period, destination weddings and high end weddings that cost upwards of 1-200,000. When a client chooses me for their wedding, your choosing a luxury experience far past your makeup application.
There you have it friends! We had a lot of questions and Christina had all the answers! You can check out her website for more information on bridal makeup and don’t forget to check out Adorn for all your bridal jewelry!

A Wedding by the Ocean

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

BEach Wedding Ideas

One of the most popular summer wedding venues is the beach and we couldn’t love the idea more! Warm sand and beautiful ocean views make a wedding even more romantic. Seashells and starfish are simple and easy ideas to incorporate into a beach wedding! By placing both of these things in the bouquet and the boutonnière, your wedding party will be ready for their places by a beautiful blue archway to match the blue of the ocean waves. Matching  centerpieces on the tables will add a finishing touch! The ocean waves are always flowing and so should the dresses of your beach wedding! The bridesmaid dresses we chose are short, strapless and blue to offset the white of the long, flowy wedding dress. For jewelry ideas, we picked out some of our real diamond pieces that go well with both dresses. The first item we chose is our infinity diamond Vandervelden Necklace that gently scallops around the neckline. It’s one of our newer pieces and is already growing in popularity with modern brides! The Vandervelden Necklace looks beautiful with our Middleton Earrings. These earrings are modeled after the earrings that Kate Middleton wore as she married Prince William. Their retail value is $10,875.00 but you can rent them from Adorn for $160.00! They are sure to add a royal look to a beautiful beach wedding! To tie these sparkly jewelry pieces together we included our Anne pearl hair comb. This hair comb has a sprawling design of crystal and pearl clusters that are sure to make a bold statement. All of these pieces, together or individually, are sure to bring a special sparkle to any beach wedding! Below is a collage of beach wedding dress ideas for a simple look. In the top left corner, you will see on of our brides from Pasadena wearing our Lockwood Earrings for her beach wedding! This is a great picture of the beach bride and a great dress as well. We included three dresses from J. Crew’s beach wedding department! The other two dresses are from Tommy Bahama. We chose these dresses because not only do they have that simple beach look, but they also have a bridal feel to them that will make your wedding day even better!

Beach Dresses

This Cake Costs A lot of Dough

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Wedding cakes tend to run the gamut from a DIY cake made by mom to a ridiculously large life-size portrait of the bride.  Although no two brides can agree on what the best wedding cake would be – everyone knows it’s an important part of the ceremony.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when while you’re ordering

Cakes Need to Be Transported:

Unless you’re a character on either Bewitched or Charmed, odds are you can’t make objects appear and reappear without having someone lift and move them.  Make sure you run through the transportation with your baker to make sure everyone’s on the same page about boxing, packing materials, and reception directions.  Professionals are usually really good about making this process work flawlessly. However, if your new mother-in-law decides to make the cake herself you should ask her to make it slightly smaller and designate at least 2 friends to help her with the transportation…the last thing you need is to arrive at the reception hall with a cake covered m-i-l. Not good, not good at all…

When Elaborate Goes Awry:

I have no words...

I have no words...

Please heed this warning: when it comes to wedding cakes STAY SIMPLE. Unless you’ve got boatloads of money on the best baker in your state – keep it simple. Complex cakes can sometimes go awry and totally put a damper on your special day. For example take the cake to the left. The idea was beautiful: dolphins playing on a cake. But the execution leaves a little something to be desired. Instead of being playful and happy, it looks like there’s been a massacre in Flippers family and everyone was invited to witness the aftermath.

Your cake should be something you both really love:  tasty, elegant, and beautiful. Don’t fuss, or freak out over it, or feel the need to go overboard. Sometimes a simple cake tastes the best and looks the prettiest.

Remember Your Guests:

You might want to have this elaborate cake but remember, your guests just want something delicious. It is possible to have both but keep in mind, it takes a very talented baker to do this. This might be obvious to some but do a tasting at the bakers with your future hubs. If they serve other baked goods, buy a few. Get one of their little cakes to bring to your mothers or his mothers or someones mothers. It’ll give you a good idea about the bakers normal level of product deliciousness (is that a real phrase? I don’t think so)

The Pros and Cons of a Holiday Wedding

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Weddings during holidays; the subject is a rather hot topic. Bring it up in conversation with your friends and I’ll guarantee you everyone will have a different take on it. Some people think they are wonderful, some find it intrusive for your guests’, others think it can come of as a bit cheesy. Here’s a list of pros and cons to help you decide the best thing for you to do.



  • If you get married during holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or Valentines Day, the hall you are having your reception in will no doubt have lovely decorations up for your event – free of charge.
  • Your wedding pictures will already have a dazzling unifying theme
  • Your guests will – odds are – already be off from work
  • Prices for wedding halls, catering, disc jockeys, etc can sometimes be cheaper due to a lack of demand
  • Your guests will already be in a festive mood



  • If you have a lot of out of town guests, hotels and airfare can be more expensive
  • If you are getting married ON a holiday as oppose to NEAR a holiday (aka weekend after Thanksgiving, weekend before Christmas, etc), your guests might be upset having to arrange their holiday plans around you
  • If you have a specific theme in mind for your wedding, having it around a holiday will mean you will need to 4thJULYBridalpay extra to have your hall change their decorations
  • If not executed properly, the wedding can come off as hokie. Sure everyone loves the 4th of July, but having the American flag in every inch of your wedding motif may come off a bit…how shall I say this…odd. 

I hope this helped you in your decision on whether or not to have a wedding around the holidays. In my personal opinion, there is nothing wrong with having a wedding around a holiday that is special to you and your future husband…as long as it is tastefully done and as long as you are not insulted if a few guests decline your invite.

The Honeymooners

Monday, November 16th, 2009

The Honeymoon, an amazing vacation that you and your husband plan together.  You can go anywhere, do anything, spend large sums of money and not feel incredibly guilty. Not only is it memorable because of where you are; it’s memorable because for the first time you and your guy are vacationing as husband and wife. Truly magnificent.

No matter where you go it’s going to be unforgettable, but sometimes the debate of where to go can start an argument between you and your beau.  Not sure where to go? Make a list of places you’ve always wanted to go to together and then look online to find out when’s the best time to go! Also, check websites like TripAdvisor for hotel reviews, sure some of them could be fake but odds are if a hotel has 290 EXCELLENT reviews out of 300, you’re going to have a good time.

Want some suggestions where to stay? Look into a few of these hotels/resorts – our staff swears by them!

Winter Wonderland: Coeur Des Alpes –  Zermatt, Switzerland

CouerdesAlpesLove to ski? Love the snow?  If you’re getting married during the winter/holiday season you may want to look into something super festive: like the Swiss Alps. One of our staff members honeymooned at the Coeur des Alpes and LOVED IT! Here’s why:

“ The night we arrived, we were greeted at the train station (at 9pm!) and escorted back to the hotel. They served us Prosecco and homemade apple cake by the lobby fireplace immediately so we could warm up (without asking) and brought our luggage to our room.  The penthouse room (shown above) was immaculate and had the most amazing view of the Matterhorn right from the bed. I’m not talking a slight view if you strained your neck, I’m talking full wall of windows looking straight into the mountains as you lie down relaxing. Gorgeous The staff was always amazingly nice and gave us wonderful suggestions where to go. If you go, get up and go to the free breakfast in the morning. I’m still dreaming of the quark mousse…in fact, I wish I was there now”


Island Getaway: Flor Blanca – Costa Rica

FlorBlancaLooking for that perfect beach oasis? Longing for privacy on your honeymoon?  Take a step out of the honeymoon beach box and try Costa Rica! One of our staff members stayed at the Flor Blanca and LOVED IT! Here’s why:

 “The place is relatively small with 14 cabanas so everything is very personalized. Its quiet so if you’re looking for night life this is not the place to go. The Chef was amazing and we had access to private surfing lessons, a 3-hour private horse ride through a local ranch and on the beach at sunset. Sounds cheesy I know, but it was really great….not one of those hoaky rides where the horses go in a line and you have to wear a helmet. We definitely plan on going back. Interesting fact: Giselle Bunchen lives just up the road and often comes to the hotel to use their internet access. LOL!”

*Important Tip* Book early. The best places generally book up 6 months in advance.  For example, the Coeur des Alpes generally books up 10-12 months in advance so reserve early!

What’s More Important To You?

Monday, November 9th, 2009

You are given so many choices as a bride that sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Here’s a great tip from Adorn: sit down with your groom-to-be early on in the engagement and make an ordered list of what is more or less important to you during each part of the wedding day. After the lists are made: post them on your frig. I know it sounds a bit nutty but believe us, this will help you make the tough decisions later on in the planning process.

How about we help you get things started with a little poll? Sounds fun? I knew it would!