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A Simple Shade

Friday, July 29th, 2016

This week we’re going to keep it simple. Instead of matching up our jewelry with extravagant gowns full of color and frills, we’re going to show you how a little bit of colorful sparkle can do wonders for a simple dress!


First up is our Ruby Bracelet. This classic gold bracelet is surrounded by diamonds and rubies fit for a queen! We matched it with an elegant and simple Lela Rose mermaid gown. This dress gives off an air of sophistication that works perfectly with this deep colored bracelet.
The second match we’ve created is our blue sapphire Dryden Bracelet with a simple southern wedding dress. This dress is full of southern charm with its lace design on top and a flowing white skirt. The blue of the Dryden Bracelet just adds more romantic charm to the look!
Lastly, we have a beautiful Justin Alexander cap sleeve gown that we paired with our Alicia Bracelet. This genuine Opal bracelet is wrapped with real gold to create a simple, elegant look. Opal is the stone of hope and innocence and we think it looks stunning with a simple cap sleeve gown!
At, we have all sorts of colorful jewelry for any bridal look. Whether you’re going for an extravagant gown full of radiant color or a simple white gown that is full of elegance, we have plenty of real diamond jewelry for every bride’s needs!

A Chain Of Color

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Last week we talked about our colorful selection of earrings. This week let’s  talk about our colorful necklaces! We have a bright collection of necklaces in all kinds of colors to add a bit of shine to a simple dress. We picked our top three colorful necklaces to talk about with you this week!

Color Necklaces
First is our Mae PendantThis royal blue Tanzanite is surrounded by sparkling diamonds, suspended in a white gold chain. It’s perfect for bringing a little color to a simple, sophisticated wedding dress.

Second is our Chelsea Necklace. This gold necklace will turn heads with its high glossed chain designed. Add a little old time glamour to your vintage gown all while keeping it modern!

Last is our Parker Pendant. Simple and elegant with just a hint of regal romance, this 20 carat pendant offers eye-catching style. This deep chocolate colored stone is known to bring abundance, prosperity and good luck. It makes the perfect addition to an outdoor wedding dress!

Check back with us next week for our colorful bracelet collection!

A Pop of Color

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Whether you’re a traditional bride looking for a little pop of color to add to her white wedding day look or a modern bride looking to find the right color earrings to match your colorful dress, you can be sure that Adorn has what you’re looking for! We have a great selection of colorful diamond earrings that work for any dress. To prove it, we put together a few collages that show just how easy it is to match our earrings to your dress!

LentonEarringsOur first collage showcases our green Lenton Earrings. These earrings are Tsavorite Diamond and they will make your guests turn green with envy! Match them with an extravagant floral ballgown or keep things simple with a white strapless gown. Whichever you choose, these earrings make sure you will be the life of the party!

AftonEarringsThe second collage we have is our Rose Gold, Pink Tourmaline Afton Earrings. These earrings bring an elegant pop of color to a simple cap sleeve gown. They also match perfectly with the floral accents of one of our favorite Hailey Page gowns! If you’re going for modest or over the top wedding dresses, the Afton Earrings are sure to add the right touch of elegance.

IshaEarringsLast, but certainly not least, we have our Blue Topaz Isha Earrings. These are my favorite earrings because they have the perfect pop of blue as well as an interesting design. Match them up with a ruffled white dress for a traditional look with a twist. Or match them with a blue floral dress fit for a fairy princess!

If you’re a conservative bride looking for a tiny bit of color to brighten up your look or if you’re an extravagant bride looking for the perfect pair of matching earrings, you can be sure that we have what you need at!

Barn Bride

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Rustic WeddingBarn weddings have never been more popular than right now and summer is the perfect time for them! Three things to keep in mind for your rustic barn wedding are lots of flowers, plenty of wooden elements, and the perfect dress. The key to a picture perfect rustic wedding is sticking flowers wherever you can. Pick out plenty of options and add them into your centerpieces, down the aisle, and anywhere in between. Obviously, a wedding wouldn’t be rustic without its wooden elements: A cute little sign, lots of wooden chairs for your guests, and of course, the wooden barn of your dreams! Lastly, make sure you’ve got the perfect dress. We’ve picked out one that perfectly combines that rustic feel with a touch of modern design. By pairing the dress with our Isabella Hair Pin and Materson Bracelet, you get the perfect touch of sparkle on your rustic wedding day!

A Wedding by the Ocean

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

BEach Wedding Ideas

One of the most popular summer wedding venues is the beach and we couldn’t love the idea more! Warm sand and beautiful ocean views make a wedding even more romantic. Seashells and starfish are simple and easy ideas to incorporate into a beach wedding! By placing both of these things in the bouquet and the boutonnière, your wedding party will be ready for their places by a beautiful blue archway to match the blue of the ocean waves. Matching  centerpieces on the tables will add a finishing touch! The ocean waves are always flowing and so should the dresses of your beach wedding! The bridesmaid dresses we chose are short, strapless and blue to offset the white of the long, flowy wedding dress. For jewelry ideas, we picked out some of our real diamond pieces that go well with both dresses. The first item we chose is our infinity diamond Vandervelden Necklace that gently scallops around the neckline. It’s one of our newer pieces and is already growing in popularity with modern brides! The Vandervelden Necklace looks beautiful with our Middleton Earrings. These earrings are modeled after the earrings that Kate Middleton wore as she married Prince William. Their retail value is $10,875.00 but you can rent them from Adorn for $160.00! They are sure to add a royal look to a beautiful beach wedding! To tie these sparkly jewelry pieces together we included our Anne pearl hair comb. This hair comb has a sprawling design of crystal and pearl clusters that are sure to make a bold statement. All of these pieces, together or individually, are sure to bring a special sparkle to any beach wedding! Below is a collage of beach wedding dress ideas for a simple look. In the top left corner, you will see on of our brides from Pasadena wearing our Lockwood Earrings for her beach wedding! This is a great picture of the beach bride and a great dress as well. We included three dresses from J. Crew’s beach wedding department! The other two dresses are from Tommy Bahama. We chose these dresses because not only do they have that simple beach look, but they also have a bridal feel to them that will make your wedding day even better!

Beach Dresses

Spring Fling

Monday, April 18th, 2016

A mood board of spring wedding ideas featuring our Budding Necklace, Riley Bracelet, and Hartley Earrings!

Spring has finally arrived! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and wedding season is in full swing. Lace fit n flare dresses like the Alvina Valenta pictured above are a great choice for spring themed weddings. Our gorgeous Budding Necklace would match this dress perfectly because of its floral design and spring time feel. This necklace can be rented for $200.00 (retail value: $15,975 ).If you’re having an outdoor wedding, check out our Riley Bracelet (rental price: $190.00. retail price: $14,625.00) or Hartley Earrings (rental price: $130.00. retail price: $4,475.00). Spring is all about the flowers and these pieces have just the right amount to tie your floral wedding look together. All of these jewelry pieces are sure to match the feeling of springtime this wedding season! Links to Rent Jewelry Pieces: Budding Necklace Riley Bracelet Hartley Earrings Links to Pictures in Mood Board: Dress Venue Bouquet Save 10% today on all jewelry rentals from Adorn. Promo Code: SpringBling2016

Winter Wedding Wonderland

Thursday, January 13th, 2011


Why Starving Yourself Before Your Wedding DOESN’T Work

Friday, January 15th, 2010

One of the biggest stresses for a bride-to-be is how she will look in her wedding gown on her wedding day. Will she look fat? Will she look flabby? The issue floats around in her brain for months: all the pictures, the wedding album, the wedding video …she MUST look gorgeous!! All ladies start out exercising but sometimes make the mistake of starving themselves the week before their big day. Not only will that NOT help you lose your last few pounds, it’ll actually make you fatter. How? By slowing your metabolism down to a screeching halt. Here are a few tips to keep the pounds off:

fatbrides1. Start exercising slowing: If you haven’t worked out for awhile, don’t go full force into an exhausting workout plan. Ease into your program by doing light cardio and 1-2 reps of 10 on light weights. After week 1 you’ll be able to increase both loads.

2. Join a Wedding Fitness Web Board: This might not sound like a ‘#2 for fitness idea’ but believe me, it is. It’s amazing how great it feels speaking with other women going through the wedding weight-loss drama as well. It also relieves your soon-to-be husband from having to listen to you complain about the whole process.

3. Eat: This might seem like the opposite thing you should be doing but its not the act of eating that makes you gain weight: it’s what you eat. Avoid foods high in sodium and sugar (i.e. fast foods and sodas) and eat a bunch of small meals through the day instead of 3 big meals. Common sense I know, but when you don’t do this it’s harder to lose the poundage.

4. Sleep: Sleeping helps you lose weight? Yes. Sleepyness makes you prone to eat sugary foods to stay awake not to mention lack of sleep can lead to sickness.

5. Drink lots of water: I know we’ve all heard this one before, but try it! Did you know that most of the times you start to feel snack cravings your body is actually telling you you’re thirsty? Also, try drinking a big glass of water or iced tea with splenda right before your meals. You’ll fill up faster and have the added benefits that water gives your skin. Love this trick.

Lastly….CHILL OUT. Your fiancé asked you to marry him BEFORE you decided you had to look like a hanger-thin Olsen twin. Is it not conceivable that he might actually think you’re the definition of hotness just the way you are? (Hint: the answer is “yes”.)

Adorn Brides and Kleinfeld Bridal: Together At Last

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Adorn Brides is pleased to announce the launch of our new online affiliation with Kleinfeld Bridal, the world’s leading bridal gown emporium.  We’re all so excited! We’ve just made shopping for your entire wedding-day look that much easier.

Now brides from across the nation will have the opportunity to find dazzling fine jewelry rentals while browsing hundreds of Kleinfeld gowns. Seems too good to be true right? Well, we’re all glad its’ real!

Kleinfelds has long been known for carrying the largest selection of exclusive designer wedding gowns anywhere and providing brides with unparalleled personal service. We here at Adorn Brides are proud to call Kleinfeld Bridal are partners and welcome all our fans to check them out!

Perfect Match!

Perfect Match!

The Trials and Tribs of Wedding Makeup

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Your dress is dazzling, your shoes are spectacular, your jewelry’s divine…but you still haven’t figured out what to do about your makeup?!

One of the biggest debates is should DIY your bridal makeup or pay someone else to apply it for you? On one hand you’ll be saving money but on the other…you may risk looking like a not so hot. (Frankly, either option has pitfalls.)

Let’s play the YES and NO game together to figure out what you should do. Remember girls: Answer Honestly!!

Yes: 1 point – No: 2 points

  1. I never leave the house without perfectly blended makeup!
Musical genius: perhaps. Award winning cosmetologist: not so much.

Musical genius: perhaps. Award winning cosmetologist: not so much.

  1. My friends usually ask me for makeup application tips
Keep the free spirit. Lose the "panda" look.

Keep the free spirit. Lose the "panda" look.

  1. People often compliment me on my lipstick and eye-shadow color combination
At her age and status you can get away with a lot….but seriously? C’mon Betsy!

At her age and status you can get away with a lot….but seriously? C’mon Betsy!

4. My foundation and blush always look natural

Scored 4-5: Girl, you always look effortlessly glowing. People envy you for your stunning natural beauty (even though both of us know that complexion is anything but ‘natural’ – but don’t worry we know how to keep a secret)

Scored 6-8: Please do us all a favor and DO NOT do your own makeup.  You risk not only utter embarrassment but you may end up permanently featured on

All jokes aside:  whether you’re doing your own makeup or not make sure you do several trial runs. Schedule ahead so you can get a late afternoon appointment and then you can go straight to meet your girlfriends for happy hour to get their opinions as well.

Pay attention to how it wears throughout the evening, and if you really want to give it a test….work yourself up into a good sobbing cry, then find over 100 people to hug you and kiss your cheek, then dance for 3 hours straight. If you still look presentable…you have a winner! Just kidding. But, do wear it for a few hours and check how it looks later in the evening.

Also, be sure to take pictures at each trial. This way you’ll know how well your colors/style photograph. Some foundations actually contain elements that refract light, which means that anytime someone snaps you with a flash you’ll end up looking like Casper the friendly bride.

Need some new makeup tips? Check out this great website for tips, tricks, and trends:

Sienna gets burned by her "burt sienna" bronzer....irony?

Sienna gets burned by her "burt sienna" bronzer....irony?