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4 Easy Ways to Save Money on the Big Day

Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Most people dance around this, but we like to tell it like it is: weddings can cost a lot of money. The dress, the venue, the décor, the cake – they can all add up to sums of money you might not have even considered before you started actually planning the Big Day.

Under these circumstances, it makes perfect sense that you want to save money anywhere you can on your wedding – and even more than that, you want to save money and make sure you still have the wedding of your dreams.

What are some of the most important tips to keep in mind in this respect? Here they are:


  • Consider a mid-week or daytime wedding. The more “offseason” and the farther away from Saturday evening your wedding is, the more likely it is that you will score better deals in terms of the venue, the décor, the food, and so on. The reason this happens is because vendors are less busy on these days and times of the day, so it is likely that they will be happy to offer you a discount.

  • Opt for simple greenery. Not only is this a really, really popular wedding décor element right now, but simple greenery can also be absolutely stunning in terms of how it makes a wedding look. Even more, greenery is the kind of décor element that can really save you a lot of money, as it is frequently much less expensive than actual blooms.

  • Skip the favors. Truth be told, nobody will even notice they’re not there. Sure, showing guests your appreciation is really nice, but most people don’t actually care about the nicely wrapped cookies and the fridge magnets with your engagement photo on them. If you want to, turn your candy bar into a “favor bar” by offering people the option to pack away some of the goodies.

  • Consider rental and slightly used décor and accessories. You might not want to do this with your wedding dress (and that’s totally fine), but you can still do it with your décor and with your jewelry. Why spend a ton of money on something that will only be worn or used once, when you can save the money (and maybe add it to your honeymoon fund)?

Looking for splendid rental and gently used pieces of jewelry and accessories? Contact Adorn right now and come see what we offer! And keep in mind we offer styling counseling for brides as well, so don’t hesitate to call for our services! Pictured above is the Livingston Bracelet, perfect for brides who are looking to add some classic glamor and sparkle to their look!

These 4 Tips Will Help You Pick the PERFECT Necklace for Your Wedding Look

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

If you are like most brides-to-be, you want to look nothing less than flawless on what is meant to be the most amazing and unforgettable event of your entire life.

Here at Adorn, we understand that better than anyone – and we also understand that a bride’s look is not about her dress only. That is, of course, a very important element – but the bridal accessories she wears can completely change her style. Even the simplest, most basic wedding gown can be instantly uplifted by the right accessories.

And, in most cases, the bridal accessory suite includes a necklace as well.

How to make sure you choose one that suits you from every point of view? Read on and find out more.


  • The dress neckline. Before you jump into any kind of necklace search, consider your wedding gown neckline. This is one of the single most important elements to think of when looking for the right necklace. For instance, an open neckline (e.g. a U-neckline) will look fantastic with a statement piece on it. A heart-shaped neckline will most likely look best with something simpler, such as a dainty necklace. And a high neckline or halter top will probably look best with no neckline at all (although even in this respect, there are daring brides who make a statement by choosing to wear a necklace).
  • The color. Yes, you will most probably wear white on your wedding day – but despite what some people may think, white does come in multiple shades. A warm shade (such as champagne) looks best on warm-toned skin and is best paired with yellow gold jewelry. A cool shade (such as ivory) looks best on a cool-toned skin and is best paired with platinum, white gold, and even rose gold (which might actually work for both skin types).
  • The measurements. Your neck’s width will decide the width of your chosen necklace (e.g. a choker should be about two inches larger than the neck width, but a pendant necklace will have to be at least four inches larger). Furthermore, your actual height can influence how a necklace looks on you (for instance, if your height is below 5’4”, you might want to make sure your necklace isn’t longer than 16 to 20 inches because anything longer than that might look slightly overwhelming for your height and frame).

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